How to make Rakhi/Bracelet with jute thread at home / Rakhi Special Part – 4

How to make Rakhi/Bracelet  with jute thread at home / Rakhi Special Part – 4

Namaste friends welcome back to Sangeeta’s
Kreations if you’re new here please make sure to subscribe my channel for latest
updates and hit the bell buttons for notifications in my previous video you
saw how to make Rakhi and I promised you all that I am going to show you to
make square knot bracelet for Rakhi or you can use as a bracelet only for this
you will need in this video I am going to use three different colors to make you learn
easily take all three cords together and secure them to any surface with tea red
orange yellow I am going to start with right then left and middle middle
standstill will never move start with right for over the middle under the less
code this triangle is very important in the next step now take the left cord and
break it under the middle up through the triangle and just tighten up by pulling
it up right and left at the same time this is half of your square knot you have to repeat the step in Reverse
take left cord pass it over the middle under the right and then left
cord goes under the middle and up to the section so you are done with the first
knot keep repeating this step if you missed watching my video Rocky please go
and watch and subscribe my channel if you haven’t just a tip to remember if you forget
from where to start just remember that where you find this
not all right start with right God and then you keep on repeating it will slow
very easy and you will love to make and enjoy if you make one please let me know
don’t forget to watch more videos for Rocky special and if you want to learn
any more graph please comment below I would love to make for you keep on
repeating till you reach your desired size now cut off the right and left board and
seal it with shame here your Rocky is ready or you can say your bracelet is
ready so you can have a bracelet with rocky or only a bracelet see you soon
with mine UVU till then namaste


  1. Me guardo este excelente paso a paso, para luego hacerla a mi higo, me ha gustado mucho, muchas gracias amiga !

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