How To Make Silver And Leather Stack Bracelets

How To Make Silver And Leather Stack Bracelets

To make each bracelet you’ll need a piece of suede lace cord 11 inches long and 1/8 of an inch wide. We’ve got enough colors here to make six bracelets, but you only need one piece to make one bracelet. You’ll also need a curved tube bead. This is a silver curved..curved tube bead, 22 millimeters long. And ours has a 5 millimeter hole so that the lace will fit through it. And then finally you’ll need a large hole bead. You’ll need this bead to have a hole large enough that the lace cord can go through at two times. And ours is six millimeters. For tools all you need are scissors. To make the bracelet we’ve chosen a piece of lace cord that is this pretty green color, but like we said before, you need one piece of 11-inch suede cord, an eighth of an inch wide. And we’re going to slide on the curved tube bead. And you want that to have a pretty big hole so that you can easily slide on the curved tube bead. I’m just pulling it to the center by matching up the ends. And then we’re going to use this silver spacer bead as a sliding clasp. So it has a large hole in it, so I can fit the lace cord in one side of one end of the cord in and then to make it a clasp I’m going to take the other side of the bracelet, the other piece of the lace cord, and I’m going to slide it in with that previous piece. And what I like to do is kind of push the two pieces together and rotate the bead a little bit and that helps it feed into the bead and then you can also pull the first cord that you put in there and the friction will start to pull the second cord through. So this is the hardest part, but you want it to be a little bit tight and have a little bit of friction. I can see my little cord is right there. You want that friction because that’s what’s going to make it a clasp. So now I’ve got both pieces through and pull it a little bit smaller this way. So that’s how we’re gonna tighten it up and then what you don’t want to happen is when you go to put it on, you don’t want to pull this cord all the way out. So to keep it from sliding out of the spacer bead here, we’re going to tie a little knot on the end of each piece of leather cord. Just a simple once-over knot like that. And I’m trying to tie it out here at the very end. So there it is. And I’m going to kind of roll it to the end so it’s on the end of the bracelet. That’ll be one of the ends. And then I would do the same thing to the other piece of cord. Tie a little knot here at the end. Put that over, make a little loop like that, feed the tail in through the little loop and then pull it tight and then kind of roll it out to the end. And we’re actually done! Can you believe how fast that was? So then to wear it we just slide it on and then tighten up these ends by pulling them. And I’m wearing a purple one here and that’s the little clasp. You can see. These are fun to wear separately, but you can also make them in different colors. Like we had all the leather cords for and then give as a gift so your recipient can wear them stacked up together. And they’re just really fun leather and silver tube bracelets.


  1. leather can be skived or made thinner. so skive a inch or half an inch on each or one side, you get it, you dont me to tell you what to do.
    to avoid an urban dictionary result, google: "skive leather"

  2. This is the best bracelet ever. No real "supplies" needed…just sissors. And it is soooooo pretty! I could do this! You have the nicest, best jewelry!!

  3. I have looked at local Hobby Lobby and Michaels and looked on line for the 5 mm tube bead can you give me a heads up where to find these? Thanks

  4. very nice bracelet, love the colors n concept , on amazon I found square tube beads , that I think would look great with flat leather in stead of the round noodle beads … just a thought , but ty for sharing you talents n time with us !!!

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