How-to Make Silver Large Hoop Earrings

How-to Make Silver Large Hoop Earrings

I’m here with Mark Nelson of Rio Grande and today we’re talking about big and bold and what I love was what you brought mark is that earlier Leslie interpreted Bingham bold as using big beads but you have a great big and bold project that’s really just big bold earrings using small beads right bold color in a large format and very simple but yet has a powerful statement it does have a venue of big earrings so in right now they are they are really very popular so what are we using for this basically we’re just using some bag some favorite colored crystal beads and sterling wire okay I love sterling it’s very malleable yeah and still retains its shape mm-hmm for the big hoops I selected a 20-gauge it’s thick enough that’s gonna hold its shape and still allow us to be kind of lightweight right heavy that’s right cuz you don’t want heavier earring right a six-inch length will it yield about a two inch diameter hoop okay so I just simply took some 20 gauge wire and cut it down to six inches and what we need to do is make a locking mechanism so it can stay on the ear and to do that I’m going to form a loop on one end and obviously you’re cutting two of them cuz you having right right and with a small pair of chain nose round nose I’m gonna make a small loop at the very end and then I want to Center that loop by bending it back the other direction so now I have like a sinner mm-hmm and you can kind of make that real nice and round and then on the other side I need to make a hook okay and for this you can either use chain nose pliers and build a little so you’re not using in here an earmark no the hoop itself is gonna connect to its up Wow because it’s drawing so there you go and what you need to do is make sure that these are lined up as you can see right now they’re not going to line up mm-hmm so you can take one pair of pliers hold one end and then if you have a pair of nylon covered pliers are really nice to use because they don’t mark the metal or Mar the metal and simply give that a twist until it’s you know in line okay I just want to check and make sure it’s going to lock if you have to make adjustments now’s the time to do it yes before the beads are on yeah so I think this is going to stay you can see it’s not real round right now and as we add more beads it’ll round out more and then in the very last step we’ll actually round it out and work it more symmetrical okay so now it’s time for the fun part fun party adding the beads and for that we’re going to put them on a wire this is 26 gauge sterling wire a lot thinner so to go through the holes and also it’s very easy to wrap around the hoop and for this earring I it’s about two feet long two feet long two feet long and what you want to do is you want to take one in and kind of wrap it into a coil so it’s easier to hold on to and then pretty string all your beads oh and for this size of hoop it took about 20 22 beads and you can add me that 22 for one or 22 to me good points is twenty two for one twenty two for one so we have to double that for both earrings okay and then went to start this it’s easier to do there again with the round nose pliers start a very very tiny tiny loop just a turn and fishing on and I start at UM oh so it just hooks right on it mm-hmm when you use a chain nose to hold on to the wire get started and just wrap it on there as tight as you can is evenly evenly as you can mm-hmm and as you’re wrapping if you take your finger and kind of push on it it’ll make a nice tight coil okay and it’s much space in between right it makes makes it look more like a spring mm-hmm more professional yes and how you do about ten and this can be as many or as few as you like I like about a quarter-inch look to it okay and then once I get to a point take a bead send it up and the tapered beads are nice because they they lie flat on one side yeah and they give it much kind of added bolder look because it’s kind of jagged looking and I was gonna ask you about beyond the beads that you using they have a really pretty sort of crystal appearance to them and also the fact that it’s not the briolette with the with the opening just on the right yeah you definitely want to use a bead that has a hole all the way through mm-hmm be around square could probably even work the tapered okay it’s important though that the hole goes all the way through to the other side okay and what you have went on you’re gonna go around the hoop about three or four times and it’s gonna vary between the different kind of beads that you have right and as you can see we’re ready for the next bead there we are let’s do it and just to show you we can use a different color and totally different look I love the brown and here again you know in between each bead I did about three or four loops okay and just keep adding beads until you go all the way around I love that and also that’s like you were saying earlier the good thing about using the silver is that the silver is more pliable exactly right that’s perfect and is stiff enough to maintain its shape it’s a nice medium it’s a nice medium down now show us once you have the beads and you’re wrapping it mm-hmm then how do you kind of close it all up at the end so after you finish all the beads up to you mm-hmm the laughter last bead you want to wrap it around the hoop you know about the same amount of times as you did the first and then all you’re gonna do is you’re gonna pass this through your ear okay and then just close it up that’s amazing that it’s all you don’t even need an extra and if you’re if you’re done and it keys to one to come apart you can always just kind of resist mean you start shaping it right yeah perfect okay great well thank you so much that was fun thank you involved let’s take a look at the one that you brought us and you can see you can make it any shape you want you can go even bigger you know by doing different cutting different lengths of the lyre certainly mm-hmm they don’t have to be circles they be triangles or squares yeah thank you so much you’re welcome thank you we’ll be right back [Music]


  1. @lilpharm Argentium® Silver is softer than traditional sterling when dead soft, and harder than traditional sterling when hardened. It is more malleable and ductile than traditional sterling.

  2. @maltesergr8 very nice earrings. I'm just starting to consider using sterling and the proper wires to use for what (on a budget especially), is very confusing to find a happy medium in to use that will be the most multi-purpose. I also have a wigjig and I think half-hard is what is mostly recommended.

  3. I love argentium silver wire.  I've just started using it.  Before now, I made earrings and bracelets with watercolor paper and rice paper, and I used non-silver tarnish resistant wire.  There are some German wires that are very affordable, and hold up very well.  I've done a lot of wrapping with German wire in silver and gold plate and also copper or bronze wire.  All are wonderful to work with.

  4. Hi Mark, I love all the help you’ve provided me.

    Now I have a question and this seems to be the place to ask. I want to make plain (no beads) 20 or 22 gauge sterling silver 2.25 round hoops. My questions are what is the best SS wire to use, e.g., soft, half hard or hard, and also how do you work harden these without hammer marks (no texture whatsoever)? Thanks sooo much in advance!

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