How to Make the Damascus Bracelet with P’leather Cord by TierraCast

How to Make the Damascus Bracelet with P’leather Cord by TierraCast

Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Tracy Gonzalez with TierraCast and I’m here at to share a bracelet project with you. We call this the Damascus bracelet and it’s a three stand bracelet that
uses two millimeter pleather cord and some TierraCast components The supplies you’ll need for this project
are 27 inches of two millimeter of pleather cord, one TierraCast twisted hook, six TierraCast 6×2 deco barrel beads, ten TierraCast 7 millimeter nugget beads with two
millimeter holes, a total of 30 TierraCast 5 millimeter nugget beads with 2 millimeter holes and I’m mixing up my metals, so I’ve got
twenty in the brass finish and 10 in the pewter, 3 Clay River glazed porcelain puff square beads. I have three in aqua fresca and 3 in olive green. The tools you’ll
need are scissors, a ruler, hammer or large crimping pliers, a bench
block some super new glue or something similar.
To begin with we’re going to cut one 14 inch piece of cord and two 6 and a half inch pieces of
cord align the cords next to each other so that the longest one is in the middle and is extended about four inches
past the ends of the two outer cords and thread on
one of the barrel beads keeping that longer cord in the center and secure the barrel bead in place, you can do a
couple of things here, you can apply a little bit of the super new glue or even in addition you can crimp it a little bit by just putting it
on a bench block and hammering it or using the large crimping pliers. I’ll
just do a combination of both the little glue and a little hammering and then trim off that little bit of
extra cord on the outer pieces. Actually I’m going to use flush cutters for that Take the center cord that’s longer and thread that through the loop of the twisted hook. Make a small loop with the cord wrap the loose end around and thread it through itself to make an
overhand knot going to add a little drop of the glue into the knot give it a pull to tighten it. Trim off that extra cord now I can begin threading my beads on On the center cord string one of the pewter 5 millimeter nuggets one of the 7 millimeter Nuggets one of the aqua porcelain beads, a second 7
millimeter nugget and a second 5 millimeter nugget on one of the outer cords string two of the 5 millimeter nugget beads
beads, repeat that on the other outer cord slide all those beads down to the end and arrange them how you want them, kind of staggered you can adjust those later as you need
to and thread on a second barrel bead. Again keeping that center
cord that longer cord in the center and this
is where you can adjust your beads again so that they’re staggered the way you want
them and repeat that beading sequence four
more times alternating that porcelain beads, the colors of the
porcelain beads when you’ve finished all your beading add a
little bit of glue and hammer your bead into place like you
did on the first one and use the flush cutters again to trim off the extra cord now repeat the loop you made on the
other end of the bracelet and here’s where you can adjust the size of
that loop to make your bracelet the size you want it and make it almost a small or as big as you want. So
make a loop wrapped the loose end around thread it back itself to form an overhand knot. Add a little glue to that before I tighten it Trim off the extra cord and there it is, the Damascus bracelet.
Again I’m Tracy Gonzales, guest designer for and thanks for watching. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!


  1. Thank you for making this video. I purchased a "lazy zig zag" bracelet kit and even though there are instructions, they aren't clear. Your video is very clear and very helpful. 🙂

  2. Even though this was done last year, it's so on trend for now with the natural, boho look. Really like the process, just need to think "outside the box" when making my jewellery. Tfs. C

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