How to Make Thread Wrap Bracelet – Friendship Bracelets Wrapped with String

Hey I’m Sarah Wolfe from Today I’ll show you how to wrap thread around metal bracelets. You’ll
need some metal bracelets, yarn or thread, and glue. I’ll first show the basic
bracelet. I’m using a glue by Beacon that sticks nicely to metal. Luckily it
doesn’t stick to fingers. After gluing the thread onto the bangle wrap it
around like this. You can use the same color or change
colors. If you run out, glue the end then restart start a new thread. Once you’re done open a jump ring. It’s
good to open jump rings like this instead of tugging at their sides. Place
on the bracelet like this. Add some bling. Close the jump ring. You are done with
the basic one. Another variation is to use a thicker bracelet. After wrapping a
thread around use either gems or beads and glue them to the bracelet. Glue
another thread to the bangle and wrap it around evenly to secure the gems or
beads. If you have a stretchy bead bracelet just slip it over the bangle
then wrap it with thread. In the craft stores they carry all kinds of neat
beads and metal pieces you can use. Finally in this variation I’m combining
several bracelets. Once you’ve wrapped each with thread
combine them together. After doing several of these you can change up the
colors, add maybe gems and beads together, combine several of them together for an
intricate bracelet. And that’s how I wrap thread around bracelets.

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