How To Make Your Own Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet: Fix Up Look Sharp – S01E5/8

How To Make Your Own Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet: Fix Up Look Sharp – S01E5/8

Hello I’m Olly Murray and I’m back with more
Fix Up Look Sharp, my series on Videojug and if I told you guys that I made this out of
safety pins, would you believe me? No? Well I did and I’m going to show you how. [Music] Ok, so this is dead easy. All you need is
about seventy safety pins, some scissors, some elastic cord, about 1.5 milimeters thick
and some seed beads. All you need to do is, first of all, prep
your safety pins. So I’m just going to pour out the colors that I’m going to be using
onto a plate and that sort of makes life a little bit easier for yourselves. So just
pour it out. I’m just going to open up my safety pins.
You can use about seventy to a hundred safety pins, depending on how thick your wrists are.
But all I’m going to do is start threading these seed beads onto my safety pin. This
is really time consuming, so I’ll do it front of the telly, maybe put a film on, have a
cup of tea, you know, a few biscuits and keep threading like this. Good. Just keep threading. Get a couple of different colors. You might
want all one color the first time. You might want to mix it up. It doesn’t really matter
to be honest. As long as your colors match it will all look really good in the end. And
then once you’ve filled a safety pin, you just close it up and start the next one. Off
we go. [Music] So once you’ve done all your safety pins,
you’re going to take your elastic cord and you want it so it goes around your whole wrist
with quite a bit extra and this will all come clear in a minute why. And just cut, cut it with your scissors. We’re trying to get two exactly the same length.
So just measure out till they’re roughly the same size. And you cut a second piece there.
And all you need to do is make sure all your beads are the same way and you’re going to
start threading one end through and then you’re going to have to, as you see,
make sure the beads are the same way, but you’re going to do the other end so you’re
going to alternate all through the bracelet. I’m going to do this side, through the end
like that. And then the next one will be the other way
around. So back through the bottom and make sure all the beads are the same way round
and then back to the top. Just like that. And I’m going to keep threading until all
seventy safety pins are on that cord and then you’re going to do exactly the same with the
other thread at the bottom, so going through each of the little holes like so. Just keep threading. It is time consuming.
So, here’s one I made earlier. I’ve threaded all the way through the top and all the way
through the bottom and they all sit together really nicely and you’re just going to tie
a knot at both the ends of the cord like so. Knot on this end. This is just to hold the
safety pins on each end. [Music] But you need to get the knot as close to the
safety pins as possible so it stays in place. And you don’t really need this much, so I’m
just going to cut them down a bit so they look a bit neater. So there you have it, a beautiful bracelet
made out of safety pins. Guys, thanks for watching and don’t forget, if you loved this
safety pin bracelet, you can always subscribe to Videojug beauty and I’ll be back next week
when I’ll be making this tribal Aztec t shirt, how cool is that? See you then, bye! [Music]


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