How to Make Your Own Jewelry : Make gold jewelry

So basically to make gold jewelry, fourteen
carat, eighteen carat, twenty two carat, there’s many different colors that you can come up
with. There’s many different colors you can come up with, there’s rose gold and
there’s actually a purple gold you can find with using different alloys to create a certain
tone. This is actually a fourteen carat gold with a fourteen carat gold chain that I made
the same way that I would make silver jewelry by carving a wax out of a very dense wax material
and creating a mold of that wax and heating it away and inserting my molten fourteen carat
gold into that cavity. Then finishing gold, you can come up with all sorts of different
looks and, you know if you like it shiny we do a fine polish. There’s also a satin polish
such as on this ring here that I made. This is actually a fourteen carat white gold. Which
is basically a higher nickel alloy content that they came up with to replace platinum
a long time ago when all the platinum was being used in wars for tanks, etc. they came
up with a nickel alloy to make yellow gold look like white. As you can see here, there’re
pretty successful. Gold is quite a bit heavier and to me feels more solid, is more solid
you can tell as you’re working with it. It’s much nicer to work with than silver,
definitely has a longer life span. It’s easier to polish. There’s a lot of differences
there for sure in quality. And that is basically how you would make a gold piece of jewelry.

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