How to Measure and Assemble a Regaliz® Flat Cork Cord Bracelet

How to Measure and Assemble a Regaliz® Flat Cork Cord Bracelet

Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Julie with and I want to show you from start to finish
how to make a Regaliz flat cork cord bracelet. I have a few
examples right here finished ones. There’s a lot of different things
you can do with it. It comes in a five millimeter and a ten millimeter width. I’m going to be doing a ten millimeter here in this video but I’m showing a couple different options.
So you’re gonna need your flat cork cord. I have nine inches
right here which is what I would want to start with.
I’ll tell you in a moment how I ended up with that and then I’ve got a clasp which has a glue
in recess on both sides and I’ve got three beads in terms of tools I’ve got a cutter and some super new glue. I have a pen and
paper because I wanna show you some math on how I figure out how much of to cut of
this and I’ve got a ruler and I have a bracelet mandrel. You’re not gonna need a bracelet mandrel because you’re gonna be doing this against your wrist probably but if you
do have a bracelet mandrel it is handy First off let’s talk about how much Regaliz cord you’re going to need to
cut. So a seven and a half inch bracelet which is pretty standard it’s not your wrist size when you’re
doing these. You want your bracelet size which is going to be larger than your wrist size and you can see I’m just gonna overlap this right here. This is seven-and-a-half inches on the bracelet mandrel. When we
put it on the ruler it actually equals 7 and a quarter inches so that’s our first number that we start with seven and a half inch bracelet you plus one quarter-inch just off the start without any beads.
That gives you seven and three quarters-inch of the Regaliz flat cord that you’re going to need now when we add the beads you just slide
these on they slip-on. Some could be a little tighter
than others so when you’re scooting them along just inch them carefully When I put the beads around it’s also going to slightly change how much of the Regaliz cork I use you can see they create a little gap it’s to right there when I put this down on my ruler again we went from seven and a quarter inches to eight inches. The beads added another quarter of an inch. So now we’re
at eight inches one thing that we’ve found which is kinda
hard to explain even if you we’re to have twice as many beads on here it still seem to only add about a quarter of an
inch it was only when you really chalked it full
that it started to increase that number so you know don’t feel you have to order
an extra like four inches because you’ve got extra beads. I’ll have you order more than what you think you’re
going to need anyways but that is kinda good to note
that double the beads doesn’t necessarily equal double the amount here so I’ve got eight-inches and now we have to take into account the clasp.
So the clasp has a little glue recess on each end and
the overall clasp measures 21 millimeters, each recess is five millimeters. So since we’ve got it
on each side we have two times the five by
two which will give us 10 millimeters. We’re gonna
subtract that ten millimeters because it goes in
from the 21 which gives us 11 millimeters. I know this sounds really confusing but
this is just so you can figure out how much you’re going to need to cut. If
you’re just doing it for yourself, you can measure against your wrist you can do this a lot more easily just by cutting down a little increments but if
you’re making them to sell or as gifts you want to be able to do this math. Okay
so we need to take the 11 millimetres and mine is from 8 inches. Here we have inches and here we have millimeters 11 millimetres is not quite half an inch and I want to ere on the side of caution so I’ll
round down so I’m actually going to minus just 1/4 of an inch from my eight inches which
gives me seven and three quarters inches and the reason I did that is because I’m actually going to be
cutting cork away to allow for my clasp I’d rather ere really on the side of
caution here and round down instead of rounding this
up to half an inch which should be like 12.75 millimetres or something like that. So seven and three-quarters inches is what I want to cut. Remember I started with nine inches I did that because whenever you’re ordering the Regaliz cord I want you to take whatever number you end up with,
roundup to the nearest inch and add an inch. I
rounded up to 8 inches and I added an inch, so ordered nine-inches just to be on the safe side. I’ll put this against my ruler and at seven and three quarters I’m going to make a mark and I’m not
going to worry that I actually made a mark because this is going to go into the recess of
the clasp so we’re not gonna see it. I’ll take my cutter put it over that mark make sure my fingers are carefully away cut it and here we go that’s seven and three quarters. Now I’m gonna put my clasp in it without glue. I think that’s going
to be a little bit big because remember I rounded down on my clasp instead of rounding up but I
wanna see how I did I’m going for a seven-and-a-half inch bracelet put on a mandrel. It’s just a little bit big so what I can do is just very carefully just cut away a little bit more cut very little at a time Once you make a cut it’s permanent. You’re
not going to be able to add more back in so I want you to be cautious about that slip it on. I’m almost there you’d just be doing this against your wrist if you’re making this for yourself little bit more and we’re right there. We’re at seven-and-a-half inches. So now be it’d be time to glue our clasp you’re just going to remove the clasp, take the glue remove the cap, go ahead and carefully put a drop inside of the recess on one side of your clasp, kinda swirl it
around a little bit in there just to make sure it covers all the
sides. Now go ahead take one end of your flat cork, put it into the glue. We’re just gonna hold it there
for just about a minute. It actually doesn’t take that long now once that side is done you’ll repeat the same action on the other
side. Go ahead put a little glue in the recess, swirl it
around a little bit just so it covers the sides and then put the other end in there push them in nice and snug. Now just let
that dry I’d say let it dry for 24 hours just to
be on the cautious side and that is how you make a Regaliz flat cork cord bracelet. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!


  1. Thank you for the math – that is the way I would do it, too. I just didn't take the clasp reassesses size into consideration. I bought leather 10 mm round cord, and couldn't glue the clasp on. Now I know that I need to buy the special glue for it. Thank you so much – that was all the information anyone would ever need (I mean all those last videos for this theme). I know there is no questions left for me to ask..

  2. So in the end the bracelet is still a 7 1/2" bracelet? How do you measure for the half cuff clasp? Do you measure th e inside curvature or the outside curvature or just take the mm measurement that is listed when you buy the clasp? Thank you

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