How To NEVER Lose Money Investing In Silver

How To NEVER Lose Money Investing In Silver

MITM 2nd Reel Goldfinger Hello and welcome to Money In The Movies,
Second Reel. I’m Peter Bielagus. On this show we go a bit deeper into a topic discussed
in a Money In The Movies episode. Today I am going to discuss the film “Goldfinger”
and the topic of investing in precious metals. When people invest in precious metals most
of the time they are talking about gold and silver. Now you can invest in platinum or
palladium but since we’re trying to keep these shows short, let’s stick with gold
and silver. There are only two ways to make money in precious
metals. #1 Buy it at one price and sell it at a higher price or #2 “short” the market
if you think it is going to go down. I won’t talk about shorting the gold market. That’s
a rather risky strategy that we won’t get into here. And wait what do I mean by “shorting
the market?” Well check out my review of the James Bond film Casino Royale where the
villain in the film engages in the risky practice of short selling. So that leaves us with buying at one price
and selling it at a higher price. Unlike some stocks, a bank savings account or a bond,
Gold and silver do not pay any dividends or interest. On the contrary, it costs money
to store and insure precious metals. The price of precious metal is determined
by market demand and supply. Thankfully the supply has remained steady for the past 2,000
years. We can only get it out of the ground so fast, and this speed has kept pace with
the demand. There are mining companies that have literally been sitting on a gold mine
and have chosen not to extract the gold, simply because it is too expensive based on current
prices. When the price gets high enough, only then will they break out the hard hats and
shovels. In the movie, it was Goldfinger’s plan to
limit that supply by making all the gold in Fort Knox radioactive. But in real life that
is unlikely to happen. And it is also unlikely that we are going to see a mining company
dump a bazillion tons of gold onto the gold markets. Again all the “easy” gold has
been gotten out of the ground already. Instead, what is most likely going to make the price
of gold rise and fall, is market demand. One attractive quality about gold is that
it has an intrinsic value which means it is always worth something. Granted real estate
has this as well, but we often buy real estate with debt, which makes this a moot point.
Gold has never gone, and probably never will go, to zero. But there have been more than
a few stocks out there that have. Because of this intrinsic value, people typically
buy gold when there is bad news out there. When unemployment is high, when war breaks
out, when the stock market crashes or when real estate crashes, gold is the safety net. So the question or questions are these: should
you buy precious metals and if so, what should you buy and, how much? Well let’s take those
one at a time. Remember all your investments together are called your portfolio. At least
some of your portfolio should be in precious metals. Now I know there are financial experts
out there that say that is a bad idea, and there was a time when I was one of those experts.
But things are different now and the reason, for me, goes back to simple diversification.
Have a little of everything, because ya…just…nevah…no. And that’s the wrong spelling of know but
you get the picture. Okay so how much then? Well most experts,
aside from the ones who say no precious metals at all, would probably say somewhere between
3-5% of your portfolio should be in precious metals. So that leaves us with the final question,
what should you buy? Let me offer a simple strategy that I think you’ll find kinda
cool. Though I don’t know you, I am guessing in
the next year, you will probably have to buy someone: a birthday gift, a wedding gift,
a graduation gift, a bat mitzvah gift, a baby gift, a Christmas gift. But what are you going
to get them? Will it be in their size? Will they even like it? And do you really have
the time to shop for them anyway? Why not make that next gift, one of these:
That is a one oz silver American Eagle coin, which, at the time of this filming, costs
around $24. No matter what age, what occasion, or what shirt size, this is the perfect gift. This is a sneaky way to NEVER lose money in
precious metals. Think about it, if you have to buy $100 worth of gifts next year, that
is a guaranteed $100 loss. So instead of buying the crappy gifts, that no one really wants
and will probably end up in a landfill in 2 years, buy silver coins. If silver goes
up, well you’ve made some profit and THEN you can use that profit to buy that special
person a crappy gift that will wind up in land fill in 2 years. If on the other hand, silver goes down, well
you haven’t lost anything, because you intended to spend the $100 on gifts anyway. Now my
snootier viewers will claim it is rude to give money as a gift. Or it is thoughtless
to use your friends as a hedge against the silver market. I disagree. Thoughtlessness
is running through the mall, pushing senior citizens out of the way because you’re having
dinner at your brother’s house and it’s his wife’s birthday and you forgot and you
are desperately looking for that scented candle store. Let’s stop giving each other crap and start
giving each other value. If you have young children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews,
you and I both know that all the toys you buy them this year will be taking up space
in a landfill within three years. Silver coins will never have a zero value, and a handful
of these bought year after year will truly mean something when these kids become adults. Before we get out of here, you may be wondering
where does one buy a silver American eagle coin? Well two websites I like for smaller
orders are the American Precious Metals exchange at and I
am not sponsored by them so I receive no compensation I just think they are great sites. BTW
has a lot of great videos on investing in gold and silver. You can get the coins shipped
right to your house okay if that’s where you live. And you can store them in a safe
in your home or in a safety deposit box. So I hope Sean Connery, Goldfinger, and I,
have helped you learn a little bit about investing in gold and silver. I’m Peter Bielagus and
thanks for watching, Money In The Movies, Second Reel. Hey everyone, Peter Bielagus here, thanks
for watching Money In The Movies Second Reel. I hope you enjoyed that episode where we talked
about gold and silver. Mostly silver. BTW if you missed my Money In The Movies review
of Goldfinger, just click right here to see that. And speaking of missing reviews, remember
it is Bond week, so if you missed my Money In The Movies review of Casino Royale, just
click right here. And remember, if you want to truly take some
immediate action to change everything in your financial life, the Getting Loaded Project
is a 60 day journey to financial freedom that takes just 8 minutes a day. To join that,
risk free, just click right here. Again thanks for watching, Money In The Movies Second Reel.


  1. great idea about the gifting especially.  That has been an idea of mine as well but I didn't think of it in terms of the paper dollars I would shell out / versus Silver that I have purchased at $17.50 an ounce.  Chances are quite high that the one ounce silver round/coin will rise in value in the coming years!  And like you said (or did you?) it sure is pretty to look at.

  2. 3-5%?  Why bother?  Given the current state of the world economy, especially the U.S. dollar, 30-50% makes a lot more sense.

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  4. OK, I have given 1oz silver rounds as gifts AND how do I count a gifted silver round as a investment??? and the ppl that received the round as a gift thought is sucked and a year later I asked about the silver gift and I hear "ooo I don't know where it got to" and a "don't remind me of that stupid gift" attitude, what am I missing here??? HUMMM maybe I could by the gifted round back at a 1/2 price??? is that it???

  5. Can someone explain the gifting scenario? If you buy an oz of silver for $20. Is he suggesting you give the person the oz of silver, or keep the silver and give them a $20 bill? If you give it away you don't own silver and you're down $20. If you keep the silver and give them a $20 wouldnt that mean that 1oz technically cost you $40/oz? I'm confused as to what he means

  6. I go to a local coin dealers (brick and mortar store) to pay cash for silver. If you pay cash they will lower spot, or usually wave the tax.

  7. supply and demand have no affect on the gold/silver markets.  JP Morgan and the Fed have control of the paper ETF markets.  The only way to buy gold and silver is to by the actual metal and store it with you.  Never "store" your metal with anyone else.  If you don't hold it, you don't own it.  Never buy paper metals, unless you're a day  trader, they only way is physical metal.  Nothing else.

  8. Great video. You made me buy 1oz and 2oz coins for gifts instead of perfumes etc… My dilemma is now how to break that 20 or 25 coins and start giving to people as gifts as I value them =) Well I guess I love my loved ones to have valuable gifts this will make a lot of sense. i will hand them 1 or 2oz depending on how close they are =). I might be handing out some 10oz 1kg or 100oz bars depending on my mood and level of intoxication =)

  9. haha that coin worth 14$ as of now and he paid $24! Buy your gold on eToro no storage fees or insurance needed

  10. What are some good websites to follow the price of gold and silver? Also what are good websites to re-sell on?

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  12. I just recently started to invest in precious metal, beginning with Silver. What I aim to do is buy 1oz or 2oz every month and keep it for my children when they grow up, emergencies, etc. or trade it for gold.

  13. If you are looking into buying gold and silver. I would take a look at this book:
    by Doug Eberhardt (Author)
    Buy Gold and Silver Safely: The Only Book You Need to Learn How to Buy or Sell Gold and Silver

    Take a look at this book by clicking the link below.

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  14. A variety is good, but I just have a hard time buying fractional pices of gold, platinum, and pallamidium (I think I got that right) into my portfolio. I been eyeing copper too. Since it can be used as curancy too.

  15. Thats all I've been buying my grandchildren for the last 7 years…I tell them when they turn 17 and want to buy a car..they'll be glad grandpa didn't buy them a crappy video game…

  16. Don't ever put gold or silver into a safety deposit box.  In the event of a run on the bank for any reason you will lose anything and everything that you have in that box. If you don't have it in your hands, you don't own it.

  17. I have a much easier way. Just note what you paid for each PM order you buy, and then refuse to sell unless the price is higher than what you paid. Easy Peasy. Naturally, this requires no hedging or buying on margin, etc.

  18. How to never lose money investing in silver? On the contrary…¬†silver is money. The question should be… "How to never lose silver investing in fiat currency."

  19. If you invested in in silver during October 08' and sold at April 11', you could've turned 100k into 480k. Getting a return on your investment nearly 5x the principal with little risk over a period of 2.5 years is pretty damn good. In 1980, the price of silver was 950% less just 3.5 years earlier. Gold and silver both had price spikes in 1980 and 2011, but potential for a greater return was SO MUCH more on silver. If you have patience and time, predict when that next price spike will be and buy approx. 2 – 4 years before that.

    Personally I'm looking at the price cycles of other precious metals that will have highs in between silver / gold so I can buy/sell then reinvest on the next metal. That way I can get constant returns while having minimal risk as it's not like the industry will simply dump a certain metal for no reason. The returns you can get in metal investing are nothing compared to the stock market, but you also can't lose all your damn money.

  20. I totally agree with this advice, I absolutely HATE buying crappy gifts for people and especially FLOWERS for females!
    AAArarrrarrghh!!! I hate flowers so much! What an utter waste of money!
    Yes I am going to buy everyone silver coins in future, I'm not sure how my mother will feel about it on mothers day but I intend to find out!
    Thanks for the video.

  21. The best prices for Silver coins and rounds that I have encountered so far is – be sure to click on the sale items. They change every week and offer opportunities to buy very close to spot. Some other sites seem good but none are as cheap after factoring in minimum orders and shipping costs- and buy with bitcoin- it reduces the price by 3-4%

  22. Diversification… OMFG!!!
    Diversification is the snake oil par excellence for those that want to take your money but are fakers, conmen.
    So, should I believe 45% in Jesus, 35% in Mohammad, 10% in spirits, and 20% in atheism?
    According to diversification snake oil theory that sounds about right.

  23. Love the advice re gifting. I have 8 grand children. Each year they get one silver once coin for their birthday. The first year of doing this, at Christmas all grandchildren received a 'treasure box'. ie a small wooden box in which to store their silver. You know they cannot just go to a store and buy some stuff with their silver coin. In addition to this practice, I plan to give at their 18th birthday, a 5oz ingot. Todays price for me to buy is $150 Australian. What its worth in 10years time is ??? Does'n matter if it's worth $750+, it still only cost me $150. A bargin Gift. The trick is to buy low, as it is now and keep for the future. Might give the grandkids a clue about precious metals. Our plan is to up the anti for the kids 21st, with an once of gold. I bought at $1250 an once, whats that worth in 13 years. ??$4000, $5000,?? doesn't matter. I paid $1250. Oh, by the way, don't just buy and stop buying. It's an ongoing process. Good luck and my the grandkids get the message. A

  24. Metal prices are NOT determined by Supply/Demand. That would be in some perfect world. The prices are totally manipulated like all the markets. Anyone not believing it are walking around in their illusionary world.

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  26. Silver & gold price's are not determined by supply, & demand. IT'S DETERMINED BY the ultra rich banker's who are MANIPULATING THE STOCK MARKET ON A, DAY TO DAY BASIS, & BREAKING THE LAW, & GETTING AWAY WITH IT ! This SCHMUCK is living in a completely different reality, & should buy a CLOCK. Because he doesn't have a clue what time it is !

  27. How not to lose money investing in silver? Buy silver coins close to face value that almost have the same silver value, the price can go up but not go down. Of course you have to be lucky enough to live in a country where such coins are available to you.

  28. WRONG! There is a third option. HODL. Silver is cheap. Buy it and hold it. Keep it warm and toasty for a rainy day and you'll be just fine.

  29. My silver is double locked in MY possession. Gave a 1 Troy oz. silver Eagle to a friend who was retiring…he was thrilled to death.

  30. This is gold Mr. Bond.
    All my life I have been in love with its color, its brilliance, its divine heaviness.
    I welcome any enterprise that will increase my stock–which is considerable.

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