How to open Rolex Day-Date President Bracelet concealed Clasp

How to open Rolex Day-Date President Bracelet concealed Clasp

Hey guys this is Ken from and today we have the Rolex Day-Date 40. Just gotta show you a quick video on how to open the clasp and
place it onto your wrist. So the clasp will always be located just going down towards
the six o’clock position. We have the Rolex crown clasp there. You can see that little Rolex logo. Just go ahead and pull that back and there we are. Clasp opened up, nice, easy. And just place it on your wrist, place it on and there we are. Very simple, very easy. Once more.
Off and then back on. Alright, thanks for watching guys.


  1. My father gave me and my brothers our first Rolex when i was 9 yrs old. He always bought us 2 at a time cause we were young and would lose them all the time. I didnt think much of them at a young age but i grew to love them and became obsessed with them. I own 87 Rolex now and i think of my father everytime i purchase them. My old man was a bad ass cool and smoothe respected man who everyone admired. But unfortunately the DEA and FBI had a lot of love for him as well and he wound up getting life in prison with no possibility of parole for being a Continuous Criminal Enterprise Drug King Pin. But he won his appeal and was released 26 years later. And yes, he always made sure we had a new Rolex everytime we would visit him. Damn the face on the prison guards and Federal authorities is priceless! Thanks Dad, you are and always will be my idol! R.I.P. And yes DAD, i buy the nephews 2 at a time as well!!! ☺

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