How to Photograph Your Jewelry: Beyond the Basics Promo

How to Photograph Your Jewelry: Beyond the Basics Promo

hi I’m Jim Lawson I’ve been a professional photographer since 1976 and I’ve been taking photographs for lapidary journal jewelry artists and step by step wire magazines since 2007 in my last video workshop how to photograph your jewelry I showed you basic camera setups and lighting techniques for high quality photos the three basic topics we covered in the first workshop our camera tripod and light source another subject that’s really important to discuss again is making sure that you have some sort of a shutter release for your camera a little device like this which is just a little infrared remote and they’re very inexpensive you can get them for ten or fifteen dollars you can also get electronic cable releases that have a actual cable which you attach to the camera but if you can get something like this these are really nice and you’ll see why later one of the advantages to having this remote shutter release I had a lot of people ask about shooting earrings so I’ll make sure and show you how to do that but we’ll also go in-depth on styling and shooting rings cuffs bracelets and necklaces I’ll demo some software options which you can use to enhance your pictures further but first I’ll tackle setting up including designing good backgrounds using the diffusion screen and using additional materials so let’s get started


  1. Hi Jim, I've been shooting professionally for over 20 years now, mostly in the Portrait and Event arena. These days I am looking do more product and jewelry photography, I'd like to send you some of my images for your thoughts. Please advise how I can do this.

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