How to Pick Jewelry for an Outfit | NYC Fashion

So, one of my favorite tricks for dressing
on a budget, is jewelry. You can really go with any sort of clothing,
really simple clothing, inexpensive. Go to H&M, go to Zara, and the way to
make an outfit look expensive or exciting, is to pick some big jewelry. And jewelry really doesn’t have to be expensive. My favorite places to shop for jewelry, I
go to Claire’s, I buy things online at eBay, like anything under $10. I rarely spend more than $20 on a piece of
jewelry. What you want to look for is bright colors
or anything that you look at and think, I would love to wear that, that’s going to make
me happy. And don’t be scared, because one of the things
I found is people always say ‘I can’t wear big earrings’ or ‘I can’t wear a big bracelets
like that. It’s too big on me’. That’s really not true. I’ve always found that as soon as you put
something on, people are going to think that it was meant to be worn that way. I used to never wear big earrings or I used
to never really wear a lot of bracelets, because I felt like I had big hands and it was going
to make them look bigger. The more I wear it, the more people say “Oh,
I should wear a lot of bracelets’. It’s really just something that, it makes
you feel comfortable and everyone else is going to believe that you did it, and you
love it, and you’ve always worn it. When you’re picking jewelry for an outfit,
just think about picking one thing to accentuate. For me, I usually love wearing earrings. And if you’re wearing earrings, you don’t
want to wear big necklace. I also love wearing bracelets. So if you know you love earrings, then maybe
invest in a lot of big statement earrings. And you can wear those with a little black
dress, you can wear it with a T-shirt, you can wear those with jeans, and maybe a blouse
when you’re going to work. The one thing to just keep in mind is proportion. Again, if you’re going for big earrings,
don’t wear a big necklace. If you’re going for a lot of bracelets, maybe
don’t wear a lot of rings on that hand. You just want to balance it out a little bit. In terms of what to match it with, it’s really
up to you. I think that my favorite ways to dress, and
one of the easiest ways to dress, is go really neutral and classic in your clothing. Simple colors, clean lines, and then wear
really bright jewelry. And that’s an easy way to make your wardrobe
go really far, because again, everything’s simple, everything’s classic and it’s going
to match. And you can mix and match and then you can
bring the jewelry in and to make it a different outfit or dress it up or dress it down. So I just want to take you through a few of
my favorite pieces, when it comes to jewelry. I think there’s certain things that everybody
should own, and that’s several pairs of cool bright earrings. Something a statement necklace that’s got
a big color and maybe, sort of, a little bit of weight to it, and then a handful of cheap
bracelets. That’s my favorite thing to do. I buy a ton of bracelets. I never spend more than $5 on them, and then
you just pile them all together. in this case, I would wear all three of these
with the bracelet I have on and it just adds, again, a little more to the wrist, and it
makes it a little more interesting no matter what you’re wearing. For something like this, like a big statement
necklace, I wouldn’t wear it with large earrings, and I’d keep the rest of my neckline really
simple. If you’re wearing it with a blouse, I would
sort of, put it under the collar, and if you’re wearing with a T-shirt, tank top, any sort
of dress, don’t worry about it.

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