How to Plasti Dip your Cars Wheels (Gold/Copper)

How to Plasti Dip your Cars Wheels (Gold/Copper)

All right so this is probably the
cheapest and the easiest mod for any car I can think of plastic tip is by far the
easiest way to take your old boring rims to a whole new level
and the best part is you can go back to the original wheels whenever you like so
without any further delays here’s how the plastic tip your rims for the best
result possible! (INTRO MUSIC) starting off the most important part is cleaning your rims
before you start spraying most people pass it without taking the rims off and
if you go that route make sure to cover all your brake discs and everything like
that with a garbage bag or something like that but in this case I decided to
take my wheels off so I can properly clean them and get a good even spray and
if you do decide to take the wheels off this is probably gonna be the hardest
part especially if you don’t have any power tools but anyways once you have
your wheels off if your doing that or either ways clean your rims as good as
you can and use some brake dust cleaner or some multi-purpose cleaner both work
fine and once you’ve done that rinse them with soap and water and make sure
the wheels are 100% dry before we do anything else next up I’ll be masking
off and covering any places I don’t want to get deep on so for the most part if
you’re doing this with the wheels on the car you can just pull the plastic from
the tires when it’s still wet and it does come off pretty easy or if you want
to be extra safe use some wd-40 or some kind of oil on a towel and just rub that
on the tires so the plastic it won’t stick directly on the tires but make
sure you don’t get any oil on your rims so once you’re all set we’re ready for a
first base coat now I’m going for a copper finish but I can’t just start
spraying copper on silver rims so first of all I’ll paint it all black and then
add the copper layer on top so let’s start with the first base coat of black
now this cooling needs to be very very light it’s supposed to be
semi-transparent and this is where you might mess out especially if you’re
using positive for the first time so again this is my first black base coat
and later on once I have it all black I’ll be adding my copper metalizer to
give it a finishing color now this is also my very first time and soon enough
I realize taking the wheels off was a better choice for me but I’ll put this
out there if you have some experience with plastidip and how the spray can
work so you can pretty much get an even coat without actually
wheels off but if it’s your very first time I recommend taking at least two
wheels off get a hang of it and then you can try to spray the rest of them with
the wheel still on the most important part here is not having any overspray
and having the rims flat on the ground definitely helps with any run overs has
the pro tip start spraying outside the rims and then move in and out because
you might get a little bit of overspray every time you press the spray bottle so
spray in and out so press let go press let go now you can kind of see at some
overspray on my first base coat but since I had the wheels pad on the ground
I didn’t really have plastic dripping and the end result were pretty good so
by the time I came to my total wheel I got pretty comfortable with the spray
cast – it really just takes you to base coats to get a feel of the spray can and
how it works now once you’re done your base coat let it dry for at least 10
minutes naturally and if you had any overspray like I did
it’ll get better with the second coat and in fact by the time you’re done you
won’t be able to see any imperfections as long as you don’t have the paint
dripping all right so about ten minutes later I started with my second coat and
this is where everything falls into place a lot nicely and by this time you
should have a solid hang on the spray can and make sure you get all the
hard-to-reach places and hit a bit every angle possible once you’ve done your
second coat let that dry for another 10-15 minutes and then we can move on to
our third coat all right so my second coat dried up and now I’m starting with
my third one now if you’re just bring black this might be our last coat till
you start seeing finishing results and I do recommend adding a fourth course just
to make the layers a little bit thicker so it can take some small scuffs and
scratches and I’ll also be a lot more easier to peel off when you need to now
for the most part if you’re doing this right
doing your fourth chord is where you should start using your third camp so if
you just want to do three coats two kinds of plastidip should be enough to
get four wheels done but it’s important adding a fourth coil otherwise they’ll
be a pain taking it off when it starts coming out in little small pieces so for
me I did my four coats of black and by this time I’ve used two and a half cans
of plastidip and now to get my finishing result I’ll be using my copper metalizer
and the number of course you use really depends on the type of color you want
more the coats the brighter the color is gonna look so for me I dev to Coast and
it kind of gave me a dark shade kind of in a brown look but later on I decided
to add two more layers and I gave me a pretty bright color and it looks really
good so in total and they’re four coats of black
four coats of copper now the only problem with plastidip is it gets pretty
dirty really fast and it’s really hard to clean so you’ll have to use some type
of brake dust cleaner or some type of multi-purpose cleaner that doesn’t melt
away the plastidip so whatever type of chemical you’re using make sure you try
it on a small sample area before you ruin your rims and after a week or two
up notice plastic does lose a shine so you constantly need to clean your rims
otherwise you’ll start seeing the color getting darker and darker until you
clean them now fresh positive I’ve noticed takes about two to three days to
fully dry up but I will recommend using any type of pressure washer oh and
anything to clean your rims at least till a week after you’ve done your
plastidip by that time it should be rock solid and properly stick to your rims
and it shouldn’t go anywhere and for most part it does take up small scuffs
and scratches pretty good and yeah if you did take off your rims make sure you
don’t put them back on or touch them for at least 24 hours let it dry let it
settle up otherwise you can have the plastic peel off while you’re installing
the rims because it happened to me and yet guys that’s how you plastidip your
rims it’s actually pretty easy and pretty simple and it’s a very cheap way
to change the color of your rims now if you liked this video let me know in a
comment down below if you need any help you can ask a question I’ll try to
answer all questions I can and I’ll have prod links to everything abused in this
video in the description box down below and as always thanks for watching!


  1. Would have been nice to repair those wheels first, atleast a sand back of that gutter rash, takes minimum effort to get a much nicer job

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