How to Play Fields of Gold on Guitar

How to Play Fields of Gold on Guitar

hey what’s up guys Jon here hope you’re
having a great day and in today’s lesson I’m going to take you through how to
play fields of gold by Sting I’m gonna show you all the chords and the
different sections for the whole song and break it down for you step by step
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hit subscribe alright let’s get into the lesson the song starts out just on a B
minor groove like this so I’m playing a B minor chord here on the second fret
starting on the a string two four four three and if you want you can get two on
the high E string but I’m just playing those four notes there now I’m not using
a pick with my strumming hand I’m playing my thumb and then index middle
and ring doing sort of this like pinching style of playing here and then
I’m also hitting the backbeat on two and four like one two three four one two
three four and that’s the sound of the strings just going down and hitting the
frets it gets kind of a cool percussive sound
now the first pinch is gonna be on the first beat one and two you slap on two
and then the end of two I’m playing the chord again and then I’m slapping on
four so one and two and three and four then you can play an open a string and
then go back to start that pattern again one and two and three and four and that’s what I’d play for the intro you
know and then the melody comes in and that’s gonna lead us into the first
section which goes like this so let me go over this progression I
started out with a B minor for a bar and then I went to G for two bars and for G
I’m just playing third fret on the low E then open D open G and third fret on the
B string so it’s like this chord here your typical G chord but since I’m not
playing the a or the high E string I just play it like this and I mute those
strings then we’re gonna go to D which would be
from the D string down open 2 3 2 1 bar here two bars a G then a bar ID then we
go back to B minor then we have a split bar a G and a D in one bar and for that
I’m gonna put the D on the end of two one and two and three and four
then another split bar G over B to a and 4G over B again think about this full G
chord here now I’m just gonna play the inner strings I’m gonna play from the a
to the B string to open open three there I’ll go G over B to a and then back to B
minor so this first section G and E and b-minor split more G G over B to a
then we go to B minor and this B minor last for a bar then we have a split bar
b minor g d d for two bars so here’s the whole first section back to p minor G to
D G over B a B minor first time then we go back and repeat everything again B minor G to D and then G over B to a
this time instead of going to be minor like we did the first time we’re just
gonna go to D and then the whole progression starts again so here’s that
entire progression now with the first variation going to B minor and then the
second time just going to D one two three G over be a first-time go to be minor
play this little inner lid now we’re going to repeat back to the top again
with the variation B minor G to D and G over B a D and that’s the first part
then we get to the bridge section and that’s goes to a cheat board it’s where
the melody goes I never made promises lightly so let me play it for you first so we go to the G chord like I mentioned
and we’re gonna go G d GT g d so three times G to D then we’re gonna go G over
B a D and then tag that G over be a d so here’s the whole bridge one two three
four G I’m only promises third time and then our little tag progression here G
over B to a tee and again then after this part we go to the guitar solo which
really just plays a melody and that’s the same progression as what we played
in the first part but it just resolves to the D so I’ll play that for you go to D and then just start again so
that’s all the rest of the tune is is that progression now when we end it
there is a little change here we do a tag which is where we repeat the last
line so we’re going like we just repeat that three times one more time
G over B and then the ending goes it’s a little damp
it’s a D to G over D the way I play that is just your typical D chord but then
for the G over D you play open D string then fourth fret on the g string and
third fret third fret on B and it sort of like a cool suspended sound and
that’s gonna be on the antutu you go one and two but if you want for an inning you could
take that up to the tenth fret that little G over D shape tenth fret would
be where my first finger is and you got a deke Ord
but it’s like two inversions up from this D so the ending would go and on D there you go guys that’s how to play
fields of gold by Sting a basic accompaniment version playing it finger
style if you guys are interested in seeing a lesson on my finger style
version which I’ll leave a link below I’ll do a lesson if enough of you guys
want to see it also if you’re interested in playing some soloing I’ve got a free
pdf in the description below you can get it’s over a hundred pages long all about
soloing check it out as my gift to you also if you want to follow along with me
on instagram at john McLennan I post there pretty much daily so you can be a
part of it there as well we’ll see you guys in another video


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