How to Pronounce JEWELLERY – Learn British English

How to Pronounce JEWELLERY – Learn British English

Hi, guys welcome to another English lesson with me Anna English here on English like a native if you’re new here and you’re interested in learning to speak English fluently, but in a more interesting and fun way then why not press our subscribe button and the bell notification button so you don’t miss any future lessons? So in this video we’re looking at how to pronounce the word “jewellery” It can be quite tricky to remember this pronunciation So just think of this: Imagine an epic battle between a Shell Necklace and Dingley jangly necklace. They do battle or we could say they have a duel ! a duel jewellery…. a duel…. I’m going to win. No, you’re not. We’re going to have a fight. Come on then. Show what you’ve got? Yeah… Now there are two items… having a duel…. One… two…. in the same way that there are two syllables in the word jewellery Having a duel okay, you win. I see you later… I’m the winner jewellery Now I know that seems a little bit weird and unusual But you’ll be surprised how much unusual ideas stick in our brains So in future when you’re trying to pronounce the word “jewellery” Just think of the silly thing that I just did. if this helped you then give it a thumbs up and if you have any words that you particularly struggle with the pronunciation of then put it in the comments box below and I will do my very best to make a video just for you until next time take care and good bye Yeah, what are you looking? Oh? As I still have your attention I just want to do a massive shout out to all of my patrons without your generous support this channel would not be possible Now if you are watching and you’re not a subscriber then press this lovely little round button And why not check out some of these other awesome videos? In the description box below there are lots of links go and have a look have a nice day


  1. Or, you might wanna imagine something different. Whenever thinking of a jewelry, you just remember that a jew's'well'very, thank you so so much. and ya? 😆

  2. well I think I can't join your what'sapp group although I want to be there but I don't have even ID I'll just watch your videos

    thnx alot Ana

  3. I didn't know that duel is pronounced as "ˈdʒuː.əl". It seems that British people say 'dʒu instead of ˈdʊ.
    Thank you for these helpful videos.

  4. Good morning Anna! Lady in red is a good English teacher on YouTube I've ever learned English with her here, a lot of useful lessons who's posted for learners.Thanks a lot Anna.

  5. First, I love your hair like that!
    Second, you're a dork (in a good way), lol.
    Third, we say it the same way in America. 😉

  6. the problem is i don`t know the jewel word that you use in the example of the battle
    but i will remember this battle thanks

  7. Hi Anna, thought I'd suggest interesting words to properly pronounce; schedule, issue, harassment. there seems to be so many different ways to pronounce these words.

  8. 2 syllables!?!?!?!?! JEW-ler-y! 3 syllables! DU-el. 2 syllables! How to Pronounce English like a native speaker…. from America.

  9. Hello, I don't know if you have already done a video about this, but could you upload a video with the difference of pronunciation among "bird", "beard", "beer", "bear" (animal), "bear" (verb), and other similar words? Thank you!!

  10. The "battle" was super awkward but helpful! I'll definitely remember it now. Memo techniques for life!
    I struggle with the word THRILLER, which is not ideal for a film buff.

  11. Hi Anna. LOL, great fun! Will remember 🙂
    You said, we can suggest more words (I've tons of them ;-}
    One I love to use, although it can't really pronounce it (like a native ;-} is "weird"

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