How to recognise a Gold and Silver Pumper – 9 Comments they usually make.

How to recognise a Gold and Silver Pumper – 9 Comments they usually make.

Welcome to illuminati Silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 14th September 2015 and we
are highlighting, particularly for those new to the Gold and Silver Community, How to identify
a Gold and Silver ‘Pumper’. The web is rife with people out to cheat and
steal from you, and their methods become more sophisticated by the day.
Pump and dump scams rely on manipulating an Investors greed and lack of knowledge.
Traditionally, the term ‘pump and dump’ used to relate mainly to the acquisition of
shares. Generally, a thinly traded company or corporation with a limited track record
was acquired cheaply and then sold as ‘the next biggest thing’ by the pumpers who then
dump the shares on an unsuspecting public. Well the same has happened, and is happening,
with precious metals., but rather than just buying a company and selling its shares, this
practice is also conducted by: bullion dealers who have stocks to shift and profits to make,
by newsletter writers who have reports and subscription services to sell and ‘fanatical
believers’ who are obsessed with being proven right regardless of the existing evidence.
So how do we recognise these people? Well they tell you who they are with their own
words. Here are some of the phrases and expressions they use, which will now at least allow ‘alarm
bells’ to go off in your head when you hear them:
1. The world is running out of Gold and Silver. Really? Ask any geologist and they will laugh
at you. These elements cannot be destroyed, they will always exist. The geological experts
predict that we have (not allowing for recycling) many hundreds if not thousands of years of
supply left in the ground. Whether it’s all economic to mine, is another question
– but as always, that depends on price. 2. The Mints are running out of coins and
bars so buy now before you cannot get them again. Well that may be true for a time–
but do you really want to pay the high premiums charged when this happens, only to find that
prices and premiums fall again when the supply bottleneck is corrected a few weeks or months
down the road? 3. Gold and Silver prices are ‘going to
the moon’ to $100,000 an oz or $50,000 an oz or $20,000 an oz. Yes perhaps one day they
will, though possibly not in our lifetimes. Can you imagine though what a dollar could
actually buy you if an oz of gold or silver was $100,000 . When the average mining costs
for gold is around $1000 or less and for silver $14 or less, why should their prices be sustainable
at 10 times, or one hundred times or one thousand times their current values?
4. Currencies have no intrinsic value, only gold and silver have intrinsic value so convert
all of your currency to gold and silver. OK take your silver dollar to Walmart and see
if they will allow you to purchase products with it. Take your gold sovereigns to your
car dealership and purchase a new Ford Mondeo with it – let’s see how far you will get;
and do you know, if one of those bodies did actually conduct that transaction, which we
doubt, let’s see what conversion premium they charge you for doing so.
5. Buying a few months early is better than a day too late. Well this assumes that you
wake up one morning and all of the gold and silver prices have risen so much overnight
you cannot afford them, or worse still there is none available. So who bought all that
gold and silver overnight then? Further, is 5 years too early better than a day late,
or 10 years too early or 15 years too early? Yes there have been precious metal depressions
lasting as long as 15 or more years. We are already close to a 5 year bear market and
many Institutions are claiming this will continue for a few more years. If they are right, can
you hold on without having to cash in your gold and silver?
6. Gold and silver is in backwardation therefore you must buy now. Backwardation occurs when
the price of a spot or near-term contract is higher than the price for forward deliveries.
This suggests an immediate supply shortage, and it may be true, for that moment. Over
the past five years both gold and silver have been in backwardation a number of times, but
that did not stop its downward trend. 7. The US Dollar collapse or Economic collapse
is imminent so buy gold and silver now. Well we can quote those pumpers who stated this
back in 2011 and before, then again 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and they are now predicting
it for 2016. Our question is simple – what’s the definition of imminent?
8. There is no Gold left in the West it’s all gone to the East – you may not get any
soon. There is no doubt that gold and silver has moved to the East, while to a large degree
the West’s investment community has shunned them. However, we were being told by the pumpers
that there was no gold left in the US and UK vaults back in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,2015.
So all of this gold and silver we sold to the East – where did it come from?
9. The markets are manipulated the paper price is not the physical price – Really? Well
apart from premiums charged by the dealers our bullion dealer is selling his stock based
on the paper price. Also, this manipulation argument – whether true or not – has been
going on for decades. Why would anyone, who believes that prices are manipulated downwards,
buy the physical in the first place especially as the alleged manipulation may be continued
for a number of years yet? There are a number of other phrases, excuses
and panic driven messages out there being used day in and day out to force you to buy
now and as much as you can before ‘it’s too late’.
Now we are not saying for one moment, do not buy gold and silver. If you want to diversify
your existing portfolio or guard against currency devaluation or inflation that’s fine. If
you like collecting the stuff because it’s attractive and has held reasonable value over
the Centuries, that too is fine. If you feel that QE and the economic system is not sustainable
indefinitely and wish to protect your wealth, then that is fine also. However, we merely
suggest that you make your decisions in a sensible, thought out and rational way, and
not be frightened, coerced, or attracted to the ‘greed and fear’ messages being conveyed
by the pumpers who you can now easily recognise. We hope you have found this video useful and
informative. If so, please give it a thumb up, comment and if you haven’t already done
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us @illuminatisilv1. Disclaimer:
Silver Illuminati owners come from a background of Banking, International Wealth Management
and Economics. Having now retired from these worlds we are not qualified to give investment
advice. Therefore, this and other productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice
and merely represent the personal views of its owners.


  1. I didn't hear you say anything about these pumpers selling their own Precious Metals at the end of their articles or newsletters but that is also one measure I use to run the other way as quickly as possible. If you did, I apologize up front! Does "conflict of interest" mean anything to you? I say "you" in general terms.

  2. What's the difference between a pm pumper and someone reporting negative sentiment? So many different reports on YouTube, it's hard to differentiate fact from truth. I believe no one truly knows. Once you think you figure it out, it changes. Thanks for the report though. I will continue to follow.

  3. Pump & Dumps have been around for a very long long time not new to silver gold. stackers are clueless newbies for the most part . penny stock pumping is common.

  4. I've noticed two of the bullion dealers either don't want to sell at this price or or they have run out because someone has bought them up I'm pretty sure no one has bought up the supply ………… great vid all phrases i hear all the time especially lately

  5. Thanks for throwing caution at the mountain of "expert advice" on YT. I once learned, opportunity and success greet those who are prepared. As with anything, there's always good and bad apples. And unfortunately, the "pumpers n dumpers" will always be there to feed willful ignorance, greed and cheats.

  6. These are great videos keep up the discussion. As far a saving is concerned I like gold and silver cause they are not a bill of credit. When i look at my currency it plainly has "note" printed on it, and the laws(legal tender) in this country don't allow for the transactions you mentioned. How is a piece of paper with interest on it an asset to anyone but the issuer?

  7. You left out "Peak Silver" and "Peak Gold". This planet has centuries worth of precious metals left in its crust. The gullible and naïve that swallow the supposed shortage myths will be the losers in the long term. The swindlers know how to prey upon the fear factor and motivate people to buy based upon conjecture and fantasy. I really love "Silver ready to go to $47,000 per ounce!" and "Unstable geopolitical and market conditions are set to skyrocket gold to $850,000 an ounce or even more!". Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I'm glad Alex Jones isn't into precious metals. LOL.

  8. Well it's all back to the economy that's what moves silver gold and food prices. My advice is always buy with multiple uses in mind. Here's an example if you buy long term food storage and nothing ever happens you can always eat it and possibly save 20% on food prices the following year. Here's another example I'm in the excavation business I could buy a dump truck or a Ford 450 dually and pull a commercial dump trailer the truck currently is used for pulling dumpsters,flatbed for equipment,500 gallon water tank in the truck bed,or we can put the camper on and go on vacation,or we can just use the truck to drive around with. If I need a full size dump truck I can always pick up the phone and call one in. That truck makes money no matter what. And so does the food that I stockpile. If I see gold or silver going up I think they'll be plenty of time to buy some but what scares me is what do I do with it and how do I make money with it on my own accord seems like I have no control over these metals.

  9. I agree with you on everything but #7…maybe imminent is too strong a word, but inevitable isn't. I guess I will have to agree to disagree with you on this one, but I don't see how anyone who knows much of anything about world economics can believe that this system can continue for 10-15 years…even 5 is a huge stretch IMO, and yes I admit that it is my opinion. If the worlds economy collapses all the other points will be nearly irreverent. And no, I don't believe that silver can maintain astronomical prices, but they don't have to be maintained to benefit from a temporary spike in perceived value. People are quite predictable when they panic.

    It does all come down to when this system is going to collapse. I hear you sharing numbers that come from the financial sector, the fed, and the gov't. As if anyone who knows anything believes the unemployment numbers. You keep talking about a rate hike. It'll be interesting to see if this happens and if it happens how it affects our so called "recovery". Anyone I find using that word I automatically know is a "pumper" for the current system, and either completely ignorant or part of the disinfo campaign. There is no and will be no recovery unless there's a complete redo of the whole system, arrest and exposure of the criminals who have been inflicting it upon the people of this planet…that is the best case scenario here.

    Your videos are impeccable besides this one point, but it is the one point that matters the most in my opinion. At the end of the day it is difference in points of view, and if you have no alterior motive then I appreciate that you are doing what you think is best for people. We are all entitled to our own point of view, and I respect yours more than most because you back it up with data…even if the data comes largely from the corrupt system itself.

  10. The other sleight of hand spiel nobody really thinks through is the greatly increased price and the condition of that economy. Think about the market conditions that will exist along with massive silver price increases. If silver went to $500 an ounce, the price of gasoline could be $275 per gallon or more. Milk could cost $350 per gallon. A Honda Accord might cost $2,500,000 or more. A modest house might cost $7 billion dollars. Toilet paper might be $90 per package. That, or people will be using fiat federal reserve notes to wipe their sore asses. LOL. The village idiots will apply the hyped future price to today's market conditions and existing prices and delude themselves into thinking they'll be able to purchase everything they want with this falsely perceived windfall.

  11. Here's a thought maybe Gold should be used lightly for industrial use and the rest stockpiled in government vaults to backup whatever currency their issuing no gold no paper.

  12. Hey thanks for breaking up the groupthink. If it were to have been allowed for any longer I fear we would've been marching and step. If one's goal is to slowly accumulate gold over time for no other reason than the accumulation of gold, does it matter what the bottom is if one has a good understanding of what gold really is and how it is used.

  13. Illuminati Silver, think your thoughts, you make a good point. I too was a victim in the early years from the pump and dumpers, it certainly makes a big difference buying now (or a little later when the when gets even cheaper) from the quote " it does not matter the price of silver ,keep buying", the only good thing which I did was when I diverse my silver, the so call " Sami numismatics such as Luna series,Kookaburras, Koalas… made made my losses almost balanced.
    so my question to you is:
    Do I buy semi numismatics at the current price, and when silver goes much lower by in the form of bullion?
    I noted as the silver price goes lower , those semi numismatic ( 2015) silver coins tend to raised their Premium, leaving them flat at the current price as silver drops.
    would it make a difference buying Sami numismatics now, rather than wait for silver to drop only $3,4 and even $5?, when those coins can surpass that price difference in the near future?
    and worse off ,we might not be able to get them then, as they mark them sold out in order for the company to sell them in much higher prices?

    Thanks for the response in advance ,I would really appreciate if I hear your thoughts this or maybe a video response on this.

    PS. I still persist for you to change sides and follow Jesus Christ, he is the only way.
    God bless you

  14. I think Chris Duane is the most brilliant of the pumpers. Everyone knows his "sold my house for silver story" Now, since then he has been pushing others to buy while he is transferring his 100 OZ bars into high-priced rounds at extreme premiums. Making additional profit even on the down turn. By the time the market bottoms he will transfer all of the cash profits back to PMs. Kind of manipulative, but you have to admit its a brilliant strategy.

  15. I have noticed my usual supplier has lesser stocks and higher premiums than previous. Is this a shortage or supplier holding onto stocks until prices improve?

  16. I'm not really sure what you are getting at with point 8. Gold is going to the east because it is being dishoarded in the west. I don't see anything problematic with that claim. Other than that, I agree. You might have added the claim that soon we will be forced to return to the gold standard.

  17. While I disagree with absolutely nothing you've presented in this video, I should also note that, as a Canadian who's "somewhat informed about things other than Bruce Jenner's new bra size", the Canadian Gold Reserves are GONE.

    Not "low." ENTIRELY GONE. They were sold off in the 80's and early 90's, after the price reached about $600.00 per ounce.

    Not when they reached $1000.00. Or when they reached $1500.00. When they were at a point where, should OUR EMPLOYEES have considered eliminating debt, they could have sold it and COMPLETELY retired the national debt. This is the same with the United States foolishness. In 1980, both Canada and the states COULD HAVE ended their national debts.


    I look at today's Fed/CDN exchange rate, and I honestly can't tell you why OUR "air-based fiat debt notes" are worth 30% less than the Federal Reserve's "air-based fiat debt notes."

    Now, I haven't found any information on who it is exactly that gives the Canadian government permission to print our own currency–but not the interest which will become due on it in the future–but I do know that the Bank of Canada ceased creating our own currency AT NO INTEREST in 1974.

    I also know that the Federal Reserve Note replaced the US Dollar in 1913.

    Neither country created their own currency any more. Sure, they may "print the physical representation", but despite never having had a vote of the people on the subject, these decisions were made without representation, without consultation, and without proper (or ANY) information being provided to those these decisions have affected. In all, about 400,000,000 people.

    There is a reason that there is no education on what money is, what fiat debt is, what currency is, or how any of them are created.

    While I would not suggest to anyone to put 100% of their fiat debt notes or zeroes and ones (neither of which have any tangible value) into gold or silver today, I would still STRONGLY recommend that everyone do get SOME, and do so on as regular a basis as can fit in their budgets. This is what the asset managers call "dollar cost averaging." If the price goes lower, you can get a little bit more with the same amount of fiat debt or zeroes and ones than you could before, and this rise in physical accumulation will compensate a small (and shrinking) percentage of your total costs for as long as it drops. If the price rises, you'll acquire less than you did at lower prices (obviously), but while you "add less to your pile" for the same amount of zeroes and ones, what you purchased at a lower price will also be rising in value, compared to what you initially paid for it.


    I've heard a LOT of pointless discussion about "numismatic" and "semi-numismatic" being what to buy for the future. I agree that if you can get something of limited production, it's rarity will surely create a higher value over time…but I don't buy into the "semi-numismatic" story for a single second, and I hope other people don't, either.

    I'm not one of those people who believes that there is such a thing as a "semi-numismatic" classification, incidentally, as if this were the case, you could change ANY "mint state" bullion into a "semi-numismatic collector's item" by nothing more than buying a tube of whatever bullion round you wanted, sending them to a grading company, and having them put it in plastic and stick a piece of paper in it to show that every coin or round in the tube was "mint state." Fact is, if they're not "mint state" coins or rounds, they wouldn't be packed in tubes in the first place. They'd be discarded as MINTING ERRORS and remelted.

    If you buy an unopened tube of ANY bullion coin or round, it is, by default, "100% MINT CONDITION"…so I hope people don't buy into the "grading scams" that are currently out there, and that WILL become ever more prevalent in the future, once the inevitable price direction changes again.

    Just keep the tube sealed. They'll still be mint condition when you open it…and then you can put them in capsules if you need to. Spending $15.00 to $30.00 (plus two-way shipping and insurance if they're not local [and the insurance cost will be higher on the return trip, as it's "stated value" will have gone up!]) to get someone else to tell you what you can see with your own eyes is definitely a waste of fiat currency…

  18. Stackers believe that the US dollar is worthless and that a currency collapse is imminent. They've been taken by the pumpers into believing such nonsense. I'll bet a stacker who paid $35/oz for their silver in 2011 would love to have that money back in USD.

  19. Sometimes I think the U.S. Mint is a pumper they always seem to run out of Silver at some point durning the year and have to stop selling for a while!

  20. thank you for this … and perfect timing with Peter Hambro statements on Bloomberg LOL You must be a billionaire now …. since there's no gold left in Britain.

  21. I worry about the ease industry appears to be finding cheaper alternatives to silver, with Graphine and now apparently a company called Natcore has a Patent waiting approval that allows the use of aluminium instead of silver in solar panels.

  22. I was 1 of the fools, that fell for the pumpers game. I bought gold @ – $1000 per oz and silver @ – $20 per oz , several years ago…it went up to $1900 per oz and $50 per oz…I did not sell it, because the pumpers had me convinced it was going much higher . I learned a valuable lesson thru my mistake. When you have a shot at those types of positive returns, YOU TAKE THE PROFIT and sell off, at least enough of your pms , to enable the pms you wish to hold, to be PAID FOR COMPLETELY , by the profits you made on the pms you sold at the higher price. When it comes to these types of investments/ commodities,  the people who profit the most, know there is always a time to buy and a time to sell.   Theres 1 more sign of a pumper..1.  silver/ gold cant come any lower in price, because the cost of extracting it from the ground,  is way more then the selling price.

  23. I have not yet come across a Brit 'pumper' here on YT. They all seem to be American. Now, that is not a slur against Americans in general either, but, I find it rather comical how these people bounce of each other's channels. Albeit, Mike Baloney's channel on money is very informative, and he has a very wide ranging repertoire, he still has books and bullion to sell. This is a fine video young Sir !

  24. "When the average mining costs for gold is around 1000$ or less and for silver 14$ or less, why should their prices be sustainable at 10x or 100x or 1000x their current values?"

    The same way that dollar notes have values sustainable at 100x or 1000x their printing costs. If all major global currencies engage into hyperinflation and people migrate to gold and silver so that they become money again, production costs won't matter anymore. Only scarcity will dictate the metal's price. Am I wrong?

  25. Can't wait till the price of precious metals goes up so we won't have to hear your downbeat sarcastic rhetoric anymore. Why don't you try and pick a trend before it's already past or better yet try to define the catalyst half way through the cycle.

  26. If you've fallen for a pumper and bought silver or gold high just write it off as a learning experience not to repeat again. We all make financial mistakes at some point in our life including buying stocks while they're hot and holding on to them too long. Gold and silver is no different.

  27. How do you guys(silver illuminati) respond to pumpers and dumpers argument about multiples of open contract on a single PMs? Some pumpers are even saying there are 100 to 250 open contracts on one deliverable of PMs. If so, how do they even get this info? They ague that Comex is short selling the PMs. What is your response to this argument?

  28. You kno u r probably making a lot of enemies with your posts and what you're doing takes guts so on behalf of all the ungrateful newbies i want to thank you for your ballsy and enlightening posts i for one appreciate the insight .

  29. With regard to Mike Maloney, we suggest you hear his own words as opposed to being told by others what he, or any others assert. Rather than placing your 'faith' in Illuminati Silver exclusively with concern to their statements of others, we suggest you listen in understanding of 'others' directly from their own mouths and presentations. Here is a most recent example of one of Illuminati Silver's targets, Mike Maloney:
    Listen to all, follow none.
    We suggest, rather than relying on Illuminati Silver's statements of others, you afford the 'others' the opportunity to present their own words to you directly. Then you may make a more aware decision of whose opinions most suit your own.
    The ALL is mind, the Universe is mental.

  30. THANK you sir for this video, the gold cult is huge on the internet. I just recently recognised TFNN, greg mannarino, and peter schiff. on TFNN tom O'brien always says stocks are going to crash, the dollar is going to zero and gold is ALWAYS going sky high. the truth is gold and silver are NOT a hedge against a economic crash. NO country has ever used gold as a currency since the roman empire!, and when Iraq collapsed they did NOT bring out thier gold coins, they used the new governmwents curtrency

  31. What do you do with a tv after a couple of years? you throw it in a land fill. gold /silver stay's in your hands for ever. It looks like were loosing money sometimes . but what is paper really worth? Houses, think about the property taxes and upkeep. are you going to break even? The reason they keep property values high is to keep raising your taxes. They like that

  32. I'm just now seeing this video, and I love it! The portion regarding taking silver/gold coin to the store and see if they accept it at actual spot for silver/gold is esp. good. I've tried to get this point across to my brother for some time now.

  33. What you said in this video is still valid today in 2018. I do not consider gold and silver a quick buck investment or a end of the world savior. Simply a hedge if something goes awry with the banking system.

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