How to recover GOLD and copper from recycled electronics – telephone cable

How to recover GOLD and copper from recycled electronics – telephone cable

Hello Youtubers in today´s video I would
like to show you how to recover GOLD and copper from an old telephone cable. As you may already know the cable was part
of a larger set and from the reasons of time management I decided to divide it into 3 major
parts. Telephone, connector and cable. So if you want see the rest 2 videos, links
are at the end of this video or in the description. The first thing I want to show you is the
gold. You might think as I did, that these are gold
plated wires on the surface. Wrong they are in fact gold plated sheets. And so my first attempt to recover them was
totally wrong. You may see now that I tried everything and
it didn´t work. The plastic is very firm and hard. Instead of smashing or tearing it apart the
easiest way is to use the screwdriver as a chisel and create a weak spot, than you can
peel the sheets with fingers, pliers or screwdriver. You just need to practise, practise and practise. Every time it is a bit easier. This is the result of tearing down 4 connectors. To show you the whole process would be waste
of your time. Let´s see the cables instead. As you can see the cables under the primary
isolation are very thin and very hard to scrap. It is better to save them for some other projects
or to burn the isolation out of them. The coiled cable is even worse. OK, I think we are approaching to an end. So, thank you very much for watching you were
awesome, watch my other videos, leave a comment, what you want me to do next time. Again thanks a lot and have a nice day.

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