1. Thanks for your nice tutorials, there is indeed Pd, Au for then value of 20 -30 USD per 10 Sq ft or 1 m2 on Au plated Pwb, chip carriers, or even more on high end chip packages which are even Gold wire bonded on the inside.You nowadays can buy poison free Au stripper, which takes the Au directly and then you can recover it from there as metal hydroxide and burn it in your furnace. (before they used Cn and nitrobezene and agitation) Anyway your metalurgical skills are perfect, thanks for such tubes!

  2. Your ex-claimer should say "this process shown in this video is for recreational viewing only" not "this process shown in this video is for recreation only" lol
    You're essentially telling people to do this 4 fun! 😀

  3. here's an idea… buy stocks on gold or even electronics… sell them, then go to the jewelry store and buy gold. much more efficient.

  4. The best way to extract and purify gold from chips is to crush them, then swallow (eat) them. Humans' stomach contains gastric acid. It is a mixture of Hydrochloric Acid, Potassium Chloride and Sodium Chloride. It will quickly dissolve most metals leaving only gold flakes in your intestines. All you have to do next is wait a few hours, then squat over some container and shit out a nice shiny gold brick.

  5. Hej, nive video, i have saved parts from printers with gold on cani do the same process as this or do i need chemicals? and if so what chemicals do i need? and if i cant get them redilly can i use household chemicals ? Thanx

  6. where do you discard your waste such as the acid etc…I understand you reuse it but at one point you will discard of it and how?

  7. hhahaaaa,watta flame.its forbidden,to use ROCKETENGINES as flamers……

    remember all the gold,that surrounds us.we are soooo rich.


    awesome video.i like the gold.

  8. I've been a fan for awhile now but I have to say, you could make a lot more money, with your voice. Narrating and such or a radio personality. Not that gold recovery isn't fun but you have a magical voice.

  9. Where are the fine gold bonding wires? Or didn't any of your chips contain any? I'm confused when you refer to magnetic and nonmagnetic chips.

  10. I tried your gold extraction process with no protection what so ever, all I can say is ive got gorgeous nurses fluffing my pillow and enjoying the free yummy hospital food 🙂

  11. Hello, I am also involved in the refining of gold silver palladium and platinum in view of our channels thanks in advance

  12. There is a video of a guy, crushing cpus to a tomb and then he incinerates them with a torch, puts salt in the end and a ball of gold appears.

  13. i have tested many samples of burned and recovery chips. I test samples for gold reamain. And my gold indicator show gold is stil present. Maybe burned epoxy precipitate gold.Or carbon have gold in.

  14. اريد معرفة كيف أستخلص الذهب من الكمبيوتر ومن ابن اشتري هذه الأغراض مصر

  15. Do not consider messing with aqua regia unless you know the difference between silicon and silicone. This stupid video is dangerous for more than one reason.

  16. I request you to help me how to reqawar the gold from cpu screp and which kind camicle to reqawar gold I need complete detail about it. Thank you

  17. ok man forget the negitve nancys i see what you did and understand i wish i had seen it first not last but oh welol , since you seem to be highly educated toward the ways of processing this i have a question please ? if you would. ok i processed mine using map gas torch but my gold borax all of it hardened as 1??" crystalised i guess anyway any hints or salutions on recovery i wanted to ask an expert b4 i did anything so there ya have it signed Goldiy locks up! lol anyioda will be greatoly apriciated thanks.

  18. Here's a more interesting question: WHERE could I go to have that done professionally? Especially since I don't have the resources or the brains to do that myself even though I do have a lot of e-scrap but am completely clueless on the differences. I've tried googling locations that would professionally do this to no avail.

  19. Those are silicon chips not silicone chips!!! Those are two very different things!!

    And they aren't "magnetic chips" either. The leads are typically copper and plated with tin and nickel. With enough nickel, it will be "ferromagnetic," which means it can be attracted to a magnet. It is not "magnetic," as it does not behave like magnet itself.

  20. Nice. I cannot believe that chips doesn't smoke :-D. Why you are sorting out steel legs? is there some chemical reason ?

  21. Oh. That was very disappointing that you just stopped mid way through the gold recovery. The Title should be "How to incinerate IC chips for gold reovery", although it was good to see you not resorting to Alpha Male BS of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Shake the jar. I like it. [email protected] still UPvoting but I wish you'd completed the task Another video?

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