How to Repair and Re-size Jewelry : Stretching A Ring

How to Repair and Re-size Jewelry : Stretching A Ring

Hello, on behalf of Expert Village, my name
is Joe Maughan. I own the Vug, local jewelry store in Salt Lake City, and I’m going to
demonstrate on how to easily size a ring up just by simply stretching it. The basic concept
is you’ve got a ring, any metal ring silver or gold, put it on a mandrel. This ring is
showing approximately six and a half right now. Basically you just take a hammer and
stretch the back of a ring. Generally you can usually stretch a ring up a size or so,
depending on the width and the thickness of the ring. That stretched up a half size to
a seven. Say that’s all you need to go, basically after that you would file out the hammer marks,
file the sides, cause it does, you know, make the sides roughed up. Take a round file and
refinish the inside of the ring. Basically after that it’s ready for polishing. After
polishing that’s it.


  1. Cool video. Looks like it shouldn't cost more than 20 bucks to get my ring enlarged 2mm. I wish more people made how to videos of their skills.

  2. Not to bash man but …. i think you need to go to school…the correct way would be to ADD metal to the band not make it so thin that the customer comes back 3 months later to put a new shank on.

  3. @brandoncm12acn
    this is meant to use on rings with a thick band so that cutting it doesn't weaken the band. this method is used by professionals to enlarge rings that don't need a drastic sizing. 1 or 2 sizes up is all this is good for any more and you will need to add the metal. the thickness has a lot to do with it, a ring that is too thin will require the metal added no matter if its just 1/4 of a size up.

  4. He doesn't need to go to school. He specifically said that you can go up half a size or a size depending on the thickness of the band. He probably didn't have enough time to mention that you don't do this if the band is too thin, or if you need to go up too many sizes. He did say on another video that he had a limited time to explain everything. I personally think they should've given him at least 5 minutes to explain everything, that way there's no rush even if he doesn't take that long.

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