How to repair broken band saw blades and save money

How to repair broken band saw blades and save money

hello there yeah the blade of my bandsaw broke till now I’ve been replacing all the blades every time they crash so I think today is a good day to try something different and I have no time to wait for a new one like two days for it to ship and I receive and all this I must keep working so as I have three more blades like broken I will try to fix all them this way I will keep working and save a lot of money [Music] I try to repair all my tools instead of buying new ones and for example this milling machine that it’s like 8 or 10 years old I ship it to prepare for two times I think and also this lathe was repaired one time it’s also an old machine if you take care of your tools they will last longer maybe forever I’ve made that many things with them but things break and you have to find solutions for that here you have all the blades as you can see that it is still in perfect shape everywhere and it always breaks in a single point in a clean way never at the place that it was welded [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] now that I am in the work I will try to fix also these starting points in this this can crack in the future [Music] [Music] trying to fix that I have to start the process around I will shoulder back this part that I just splitted well my mistake [Music] the welding was pretty nice but I just realized that I made a little mistake you see here in the machine the TIF has one direction and I simply weld it I didn’t stop and think which is the right direction so let’s discover I have one right and two wrong to fix that problem I have to flip the doublet and this risky that I can crash her in the blade and in this particular one you can see that to focus the two joins are one year this is the my soldering and this is the first shoulder so with me luck and I will try to flip it so now it’s in the right direction I have three new blades and this one was not possible I don’t know why but maybe it has something different let’s mount it back [Music] probably it breaks because of this Robert that it’s so loose I go here but it is a little bit loose it’s not a little bit it’s very loose site gives our sites a smooth right time to start and see if it breaks if it works or see what happens nice and let’s see if I find welding we here we are this is the welding Ryder the desire are still very sharp let’s cut something yeah it’s not new but it works hope for a long time [Music]

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