How to scrap a washing machine for copper and CASH

How to scrap a washing machine for copper and CASH

Hello Youtubers, welcome to my 10th video
on Youtube, in which I would like to share with you a few tips how to scrap a washing
machine. If you own an old washing machine, that you
need to get rid of, but still you want some cash for it this is the right video for you. The easiest way how to get access to best
parts is to turn the washing machine upside down. The best part of course Is a motor. So if you only wish to grab it, it is a way. On other hand to remove light iron casing
is not so difficult and you will gain access to all the parts. Like I said the best part is a motor, but
I strongly recommend you to scratch the wire to determine, whether it is copper, sometimes
they use aluminum in these things. The other part that contains copper is a pump. And of course do not forget the logic board
and bunch of wires. And If you will be thorough you can salvage
aluminum and iron things including the light iron casing.

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