How to Sell Jewelry Online

How to Sell Jewelry Online

Today we’re taking a look at one of the
top product niches on Oberlo. Usually products in this niche start trending
right now, and stay that way until the New Year. Stick around to see if you think it’s a
product worth importing into your store. Hi world how’s it going, it’s Mark from
Oberlo, here with Show and Sell. This series is our chance to share awesome
product recommendations and specific marketing tips with you. We upload a new show every week, so consider
subscribing and turning on the notification bell for more videos like this. Today we’re talking about a product niche
that consistently performs for dropshippers. Jewelry. Ranked by Oberlo order counts, Jewelry has
been in the top five niches over the last three years. Back in 2016, it was even number one. Let’s take a look at this rankings table so we can go one level deeper and see what
kinds of jewelry within this niche are popular among customers. Here we see the nine most popular types of
jewelry to sell online with Oberlo. Necklaces and pendants, bracelets and bangles,
and rings are most popular among customers. They were the top three performing types of
jewelry respectively, going back to 2016. Here we have some examples of these popular
items on Oberlo. A charming love heart necklace, a dashing
dog pendant, a seven chakra healing bracelet, this cool arrow bangle, and this nifty ocean
wire ring. In the next couple of minutes we’re going
to discover why selling jewelry like this online is a sustainable, steady dropshipping
business, and then we’re going to look at the ways in which you can start selling jewelry too. And if you’re still not convinced that you’ll
get sales with jewelry, I have a powerful app to share with you that is proven to help
convert traffic into checkouts. So stick around to find out what that is. All right, so why should you start selling
jewelry online? Among jewelry professionals the answer comes
in three words: “Female Self-Purchase”. Female self purchase refers to the growing
trend of women purchasing jewelry for themselves in ever increasing numbers. Women also happen to be more frequent online
consumers than men. That means with jewelry, we have a buzzing
target market, in an industry that is worth approximately seventy billion dollars, and
growing annually. Dropshipping is perfectly suited to catching
these female jewelry customers who prefer to shop online. And here are three reasons why: One: Shipping: Jewelry doesn’t take up much packaging
space, and it’s light, both of which make it a great product to dropship. Thanks to small packaging, your shipping costs
will be relatively low. Two: Sizing: Selling jewelry online comes
with the advantage of sizing. Unlike clothing, most customers don’t need
to try on every piece of jewelry to know whether it will fit or not. This helps when it comes to attracting impulse
purchases. And three: Variety. There is a huge selection of beautiful and
unique jewelry available on Oberlo for a wide range of prices. You can import new or different pieces to
your store in minutes. Meaning you can offer more jewelry choice
to your customers whenever you see a shiny new market opportunity. All right, ready to look at how we can sell
and market these beautiful badboys? We’ll start with three fundamental tips. Vet your supplier. Purchasing jewelry is said to be an emotional
purchase. Consumers buy jewelry to commemorate occasions,
as a reward, because the piece is pretty and it makes them feel good, the reasons go on. That said, if your shipping and product quality
undermines that purchasing experience, you could end up with customers who are disappointed
in the product upon delivery, and that could lead to returns. To avoid this, vet the supplier you are interested
in. And don’t settle until you are sure that
your supplier’s shipping times are true and that the product is as described and depicted. We made a video [right here] that helps Oberlo
users to find the best suppliers. Why not watch that the next time you need
to work with a new supplier. Next is presentation. When it comes to selling jewelry online, appearance
is everything! Start by taking care of how you look by building
the right kind of online store. Shopify has a range of website themes created
specifically for online jewelry stores. They offer benefits perfectly suited for selling
online, from design and layout to mobile device responsiveness, and even SEO. And once your store is up and running, go
ahead and take some beautiful product pictures. People like to feel an emotional response
to the item when they shop for jewelry. So melt their hearts with lovely product imagery
of your jewelry pieces. You don’t need an expensive camera and a
studio. We think well organised macro photos work
best with jewelry. And the best way to do it is to keep it pretty,
keep it simple, and click this link to a blog post we wrote about how to get great product
shots for under twenty-five dollars. Once you’ve covered these three essentials,
it’s time to start selling our popular jewelry products. But where do we start? Perhaps the real question here is not where,
but when. That’s because interest in jewelry, like
the pieces I showed you earlier, remains consistent all year round. But if we look at these spikes here on Google
Trends, something interesting emerges. We see that virtually all types of jewelry
begin to skyrocket around Thanksgiving, and reach their peak around Christmas and the
New Year. We could say that all those pioneering female
self purchases are what maintain consistent levels of interest throughout the year. But what explains those sharp increases in
interest between fall and winter? Here’s a hint: those female self purchasers
aren’t just buying themselves jewelry for the holidays. They, along with many other people, are
buying jewelry as a gift for someone else. Jewelry makes an incredibly popular gift. Which is why this next stat is worth remembering:
In the US, the three holidays with the highest percentage of gift giving are: Christmas,
Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. If we factor in that most people use Black
Friday as an opportunity to do their Christmas shopping, then we can safely say that these
are the holidays when you should be importing jewelry products to your store, planning your
marketing efforts, and ramping up your ad spend. And you can ramp it up smartly too. By setting up strategic ad campaigns on Facebook. So for holidays like the big ones I just mentioned,
why not run ads announcing special deals. Free shipping is a good deal to offer, as
we know online consumers like it. The offer of free shipping is a popular one
among merchants. Here’s one way of making your shipping deal
stand out and seem even more appealing with zero extra effort required. Make the user feel like they are getting an
extra special offer by saying your free shipping is exclusively available to your Facebook
fans. Campaigns like this are awesome. You can target consumers according to specific
demographics, like age, gender, location, interest, and whether these users are connected
to your business. If you run a campaign like this, remember
to stick to a strict daily budget on your ad spend, and to to set a deadline for the
end of your run. And if you offer free shipping, don’t forget
to include that cost in your sale price. Targeting your audience is pretty seamless
on Facebook. Simply fire up Facebook Business, head to
audience insights, and start defining groups. Like we have here with a potential audience
for our chakra healing bracelet. The great thing about Facebook Business is
it gives you an idea of how likely your target audience is to interact with your ad. As we see on the right, the median ads clicked
for our group is 40, compared to the median for Facebook, which is just 13. That’s very encouraging indeed. When you get this part of Facebook ads right,
you can generate sales for your store, or likes for your page. And if you do get more likes than sales, then
don’t worry, cos I’m about to tell you how valuable they are. You can increase your audience and reach with
these likes by using Sponsored Stories. Sponsored stories let advertisers take word
of mouth recommendations and promote them. You’ve probably seen them before. I see Sponsored Stories when my Facebook timeline
shows me that one of my friends liked a new page. It’s an effective way Facebook helps boost
brand lift for online businesses. And with your boosted reach, you’ll get
boosted traffic coming your store’s way. Then it’s up to you to put the final marketing
touches in order to convert traffic into sales. Converting traffic into sales. That’s a problem we hear from dropshippers
from time to time, and it’s why I said I would share a resource with you now that can
help. Socialphotos is a Shopify app. Once you connect it to your store the app
scans Instagram for content that is related to your business. Then it adds that content to your product
pages. So to complement your product images, socialphotos
glams up your product pages with user-generated content of your jewelry being worn by actual
customers. The Socialphotos team claim that online stores
that use the app benefit from a five percent sales lift and a nine percent conversion lift. Interest in jewelry is about to heat up, will
you import any jewelry products to your store? What niche would you like us to look at next? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll
make sure to get back to you. Thanks for watching this video, and until
next time: learn often, market better, and sell more


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