how to silver recovery from electrical equipment circuit breaker x-ray film | todays silver dollar

how to silver recovery from electrical equipment circuit breaker x-ray film | todays silver dollar

Hello Friends
Today I will introduce how to silver recovery from electrical equipment circuit breaker.
You will see the contact area. There will be silver stuck. It does not use pure silver.
Is another metal mixed with silver to get good features for a circuit breaker contact.
You will see this area contact. There will be a lump of silver stuck. It is an old electrical
device that is broken and unusable. You can see it at antique stores. Or recycling plant.
I use Flame Gas Lighter Torch or Spray Gun liquefied gas gun. Remove the silver stick
attached. It’s a simple way. But who has a better way, please recommend. I use 1 part
of water 3 part of nitric acid to dissolve this metal. Boil at 85 Celsius Chemical filter. I use salt mixed with the
highest concentration of water. It’s an easy way For silver precipitation. But if anyone
has a better way, please recommend. You will see water changes. Become white. You can use
this method to use silver recovery with X-ray films and various electronic devices. Clean
silver sediment with hot water 3 times. dry silver sediment. You will get silver sludge
powder. Ready for melting. Sprinkle a little borax powder for better melting. It takes
time to melt silver sediments. to change into silver. I get a silver 5.1 gram, a little


  1. well done, I like it, but the method is as old as a mammoth..!!!try in the filtered solution to add a strip of copper on which hung contact, tin, Nickel.iron, copper in solution, and silver in metal…

  2. Я оставил бы нитрат серебра для определения драг металлов, он и так очень дорогой.

  3. 4 minutes and 49 seconds I paused the video, salt concentration, Is this a saturated solution? I will finish the video now thank you In advance for your answer.

  4. Unfortunetly, silver has no value în europe because this precious metal it's nothing! for example in my country, price/one gram of silver it is: 0.38 cent for 999k and this is max of k🙂 so, i don't se the point my friend.. Good luck!

  5. Recycling Silver Cadmium Contacts Can Give You a Big Payday

    There’s a lot of money to be made by recycling them, for several reasons. First, old industrial components made of silver cadmium are not difficult to find, because they have been used for years in many manufacturing processes. Second, with cadmium trading at about $12 per pound, a quantify of unused or recycled silver cadmium components can offer you a big return over what you paid for them.

    Why Is Silver Cadmium Used?

    Good question. Silver cadmium contacts and other components are used in electrical devices because they possess two contradictory traits. First, they are excellent conductors of electricity. Second, they are also arc-resistant, which mean that they inhibit the tendency of electricity to arc between open contacts and cause fires. Those two traits make alloys of cadmium and silver ideal for use in switches and other applications, especially where high electrical loads are present.

    Where Can You Find Cadmium Silver?

    If you own almost any kind of electronic scrap, you probably already own quantities of silver cadmium scrap. It is widely used in motors, switches, relays, and electrical contacts.

  6. I found gold to also be in the Circuit breaks but it’s very little gold recovery. But using a copper tube or copper bar works better for silver recovery

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