How to Solder copper Pipe and re pipe home Part 3

How to Solder copper Pipe and re pipe home Part 3

and the coupling was already heated from what
we done below to get the solder to flow this time ok now this is a overhead solder 3/4
coupling 3/4 pipe and if you can kind of see the reflection of the solder in the pipe you
will see that I have a hook on the end of it but like I said I always pull it out so
that we can reach over to the side we can see
right there you can see the solder being sucked
around and draw to the heat hit the other side and wipe
and we just cap it off because the wiping
kind of moved the pipe a little bit and here again we have another vertically solder connection
and we heat it up and wait for the solder to be drawn up to the fitting and there it
goes so now we pull back on the fire and wipe the excess solder so that we have a nice clean
connection wipe the sold up into the connection and not away from it here were go with the
horizontal connection and here is a vertically to horizontal connection remember the blue
tip of the flame on the fitting itself the hottest part of the fire once we heat this
fitting up the pipe up under neath will be heated up also and now the solder taking you
notice the nice clean strait beed that I have on there that come from wiping


  1. @101nagen Thank you for the important info. This is good to know. I didn't know this. I will look into this again thanks my friend.

  2. @JuOn666
    Didnt say anything about large doses, its a known fact that mapp fumes are a carcinogen. Its actually banned from use in a fair amount of places now.

  3. Verticle soldering has always been a nightmare for me, gravity overcomes capilary action. (molten solder drips down to the floor) You make it look so easy,
    Am i putting to much flux??
    Too much heat??
    Capilary action doesn't work for me!

  4. @ChueyMr11 Lol I'm not laughing at you. I'm laughing with you. I do understand gravity can be a hender some times. First make sure you do have some safty glasses on when soldering copper pipe in the verticle position.
    Turn the heat down and little keep taping the pipe with the solder untile you see the solder being suck ( capilary action ) into the copper fitting then pull the touch back keep solder on fitting as the solder starts to flow around wipe the solder up into the fitting.

  5. @plumberx Put the fire back on to the copper fitting going back and forth as needed to control the flow of the solder. Like any thing els practice. Don't feel bad I still get solder falling to the ground. One other thing after you put the flux on the pipe and fitting wipe the excess flux off and your solder so that the solder will not run every were. Good luck freind and thank you for the comment. this may help some one els out there.

  6. Am I out of sequence when i do verticle soldering, I always solder the upper connection first. Then on to the lower connection where all the flux has dripped down to the floor. I end up adding more flux to heated connection , more heat . then some of the solder goes into the joint/
    I'll try the lower conection first.

  7. I have been applying heat to both the fitting and the pipe when I solder.
    If both are at the same temp. capilary action might not happen??.
    I'll direct most of the flame towards the fitting next time.
    It appears it is not nesessary to apply heat evenly around the whole connection?

  8. @ChueyMr11 What I do is apply the fire to the pipe and fitting back and forth when I'm ready to solder I focus on the fittling your right. It just works faster when you heat them both up at the same time to start out. 🙂 Sounds like you got the hang of it Cool

  9. OK, I'm cleaning the fittings, applying and wiping off exsess flux and tapping heated connection with solder until capilary action takes place!
    I am at a 50% sucsess rate.
    Why do some of the beads of solder go around the pipe perfectly and other times I end up with a bunch of craters and flux residu on soldered joint.
    Reheating and adding more solder does not improve appearence.
    Same solder and flux
    I'm getting there!!!

  10. @ChueyMr11 Uhmmm. Are you using the right solder? Me I use NOKORODE flux. and make sure that you do strir up the flux if it's been seating for some time. And you do wipe the excess of after you put the fitting and pipe to gether? Just checking you never know. I say this because it sounds almost has if you soldering with out flux.

  11. I am using Lenox flux and solder from Lowes. Mapp gas benzo torch. (non adjustible flame). I ran out of Map gas a few days ago and went back to using propane, and guess what!!! 90% perfect solder joints???/ Go figure
    i'm going back to propane,

  12. Any preference to flux type?
    General purpose flux
    Paste flux
    Water soluable flux
    tinning flux
    Is tinning flux really necesary for the once a year event when i have to pre-tin???

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