How To Solder Copper Pipe Full Tutorial Tricks Of The Trade

How To Solder Copper Pipe  Full Tutorial Tricks Of The Trade

now what were doing here using
the emery clothe this particular emery clothe
a fiber glass wire mash that were using to clean the copper fitting and you can also use a
wire brush to clean copper fitting this is a 3/4 copper 90 and we just want to make sure that they inside the copper fitting
is clean and what you see me doing here is cleaning the edges of the copper fitting that helps to also make a better weld or solder connection here were applying the flux which will allow
the cooper pipe and the copper fitting
to solder together


  1. I'm a plumber and this is one of the better soldering video's.  Claude, I invented and patented a tool, called the SolderSnake.  I have been selling it at PHCC show's.  Can I send you one for you to put thru it's pace's.   It's the first hands free reflective heat shield.  I just got tired of doing the "Oh Shit" dance.,  that and my black safety pads kept catching on fire.  Let me know if your interested, and I'll send one out.  Thanks.

  2. i am feeling inclined to just buy some copper tubes, fitting, brass fitting and just do some soldering just because. It would not serve any purpose though. But, fml…i dont have a garage or enough space to put these materials…

    btw, im at 9:32…and abit lazy…how do you know when the flux is destroyed by using too much heat?

  3. Great video Claude! One question…my main water valve won't shut my water completely off…and my curb valve won't shut it down completely either..just barely a drip every second or so. Enough that I can't heat the pipe enough. Do you have any tricks to get a 3/4 inch copper pipe soldered onto a gate valve in this instance? Thanks.

  4. Thank you very much for publishing your expertise. Your work and instructions are very detailed and tidy. I will use your tips on replacing a cheap water valve main in my home with a ball valve which should be standard in my mind.

  5. You should debur the pipes if you are the DIY homeowner. Plumbers dont debur because they dont care about your house.

  6. hello and thank you to plumbers idea how they teach us to fit all the defrent pipes with taps and soldering ec…/merrychristmas to you all.and thank you .07956620636.akram. nehme

  7. Good job wiping w your glove nice and neat…..drives me crazy when guys wipe the joints with their flux brush because i used to do that when i first started, then i realized i was burning the bristles on the brush contaminating my flux throwing it back in the tub, then wondering why my joints weren't taking as easy next time

  8. Hello brother, I’ve used some of your techniques before and they work! I have a good question, I was soldering a copper tee before going on vacation, I only had the chance to solder two sides and left the top side unsoldered to continue soldering this last end after coming back from vacation, my question is, am I able to solder the last end of the tee without melting the two last soldered joints I did before going on vacation? What could I do? I’m on a tight spot and it would sux to have to clean and sand all the ends of the tee and pipe again, help!

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