How To Solder Copper Pipe Like A Pro

How To Solder Copper Pipe Like A Pro

I need to put a hook on the end of the solder so that I can reach the back side of the pipe when need to notice the flame that I’m putting on here the hottest point is here at the blue tip of it and you will notice that the solder just like water will follow the heat and you will notice that the solder just like water will follow the heat so we just put the fire were we wont the solder to go just a little run down the side and were just going to wipe that with a rag are gloves if you have one its important that we try not to let in get down onto the threads and want were doing here is just trying to cap it off a little


  1. Hi,.. I'm building a still and I'm right t the stage to solder the copper pipes,.thing is I'm afraid that pieces are too close,.. if you first solder a cap and then, within the next inch you have to solder an L fitting,.. what do you do to avoid melting the first union? Would it be necessary to use some cooling technique on the first part,.. like a directional blower,. or do you think is just a matter of re-soldering, just a matter of skill even if the pieces get loose?
    Thanks and good luck! JM

  2. @JMEBF 50/50% should not be used with drinking water soldering. It's been outlawed for some time now for drinking water. 50/50% has to much lead in it. Yea it is a little easer to you but not safe. Stay with the 95/5 of lead free. Thanks for bringing this up. I'm surprise you can still find 50/50% Interesting. Again thanks for bring this up.

  3. @plumberx . Then I'll get the 95-5% solder straight away, but is it too difficult comparing with the 50-50%? By the way I'm from Chile
    Another thing, have you tried the just for copper sort of glue?.. I rather go the old school,…
    Thanks for the advice!!!

  4. @JMEBF Good deal. Yes use the 95/5 or lead free solder yes it melts faster and will run on you more so then 50/50 but its really not that hard to control. I have never tried the (Just for copper) Like you said im old school. I'm sure it may be a good product I just like my solder. 🙂 Your welcome and thank you.

  5. @plumberx Thanks man! I got the 95-5% and it didn't seem hard to control,.. but I ignore what the hell happened, thing is it didn't propperly stick to the copper piece,.. maybe I over heated it, or perhaps the paste burnt, or I drank to many cans of booze while working 🙂 I'll try again with daylight…

  6. @JMEBF lol. Yea drinking a solder don't work very well. Your funny. I hope your useing the right kind of flux. I use a brand call nocorrode

  7. Man, I got to the stage where I had to use silver solder at 6% or something like that,. It took ages to the stick melt, and using a screwdriver I pushed and maniplated it to put two copper pieces toghether,.. but it worked,.. and the resulting union is as hard as a rock. I would have never achieved the task without a huge regular gas blowtorch…

  8. @watwi00 There is no certain time to start Appling the solder, its going depend on how high you have the fire turned up. Me I would just keep touching the pipe and fitting with the solder until I see the solder starting to melt or take in. Good Question thank you for your comment. I hope this helps and good luck on your class project.

  9. @ReCiMaFiA mmmhhhh sorry but I ignore what "braising" is. Well,.. after a lot of time un-soldering the 95-5% (tin-lead) solder,.. I used 95-5% (tin-silver) and it was so worth it,.. In spite of being expensive, I will never go back,.. Much better, stronger and reliable,.. Next step, tying out the 55-45% to solder a piece of stainless steel with a copper one. My reflux-still is working just fine, cheers!!!

  10. @MrInternet69 Yea you can but only with some bread jam in the pipe. Any water is going to make steam and steam will give you a pin hole leak, Get the bread in there good and far back enough it dosn't get in the way. Good luck 🙂 And thanks for checking out the videos.

  11. @Mrcfrickie Acetylene I really don't like using the Small Bottles of gas you get in the hardware store they tend to go out if there's to much wind or holding it upside down. They don't seem to have enough pressure.

  12. @STARFIRESOLAR No I didn't wipe it with my bare fingers. i have brown jersey gloves on and I'm wiping it very fast. 🙂

  13. @plumberx Yep, you wiped it so fast it you can hardly tell it on the video. If I tried that I'd end up setting the glove on fire! 🙂 Good video tho!

  14. @plumberx the plumber i have my apprenticeship with still has one true turbo torch awesome product. i think the only thing that would even come close to it would be an an acetylene torch

  15. @BAD2DABON3 The type of solder I use is lead free solder or you can use 95/5. If I’m going to solder something that has plastic inserts or washer I would remove the washers or insert then solder and put it back together if that's not possible I just Aim the flames the opposite way on low heat and pray 🙂 Propane burns pretty hot I don't use Propane. To protect immediate area around you keep a water bottle handy or a fire extinguisher. Thanks for the comment

  16. @BAD2DABON3 I just finished working on a hospital and we used stuff called Cool Gel to protect valves. Propane works ok if you have the right torch. Mapp gas is ok for small pipes but for pipes 2inch and up we use acetaline gas and a Turbo Torch with the right size tip for the job. Also we used fire blankets to protect the area around the joint from burning or sometimes I'll make a heat shield out of sheet metal.

  17. @rudedog062 Cool Gel I've heard of that. That didn't have that stuff out when I was doing commercial work back in the 80's I hear its really good. Thanks for the info it will help others that may have commercial jobs there working on. or even some Homes with the Cool Gel.

  18. I LOVE watching your plumbing videos on YT, But the problem I have is that every time I watch a video my giggling pin starts dripping.
    But On a serious Note The Average yearly pay for a "Employed Plumber" in the UK is about £27,000 plus Van. What is it in the US…

  19. @Dai4wood Here in the US. it kind of depend on what part of the Country you live East Coast West Coast and north around 100 or more K a year. Midwest 80 K a year or more. down south 60 K a year or more. Up East Coast and north have strong Union, Out west the cost of living it just high. Down South are mostly right to work states All this factors in the wages. 🙂

  20. Greeting you from Thailand .
    your video that good as my lesson …
    I like it .
    I hope this lesson help me to use in my daily working .
    Thank you

  21. @boonthip100 ขอบคุณมากเพื่อนจากเมืองไทย และเกียรติ GER ดังกล่าวแสดงความคิดเห็นดีจากเพื่อนไกลแสนไกลของมัน ฉันต่ำต้อย ผมหวังว่าภาพเหล่านี้ช่วยให้คุณเป็นอย่างมากกับการทำงานของคุณ

  22. While I enjoy sweating pipe I suspect we're the last generation. Compression fittings seem to be the norm in commercial apps and homes have gone to PEX as copper prices have skyrocketed. Most plumbers I know use SharkBites for repairs since the extra cost is offset by the labor savings.

  23. @RobertGary1 Yep your right plumbing is changing, but not really fast as you may thing, it really depend on what part of country you live in or out of the country
    there are still many places that use copper pipe very much .

  24. @RobertGary1 Oh! Yea Pex pipe and those shark bite fittings are not code ever were. Me personally I like Pex Pipe and Shark bite fitting.

  25. @plumberx But not for long. SharkBites and Pex are in the UPC so any remaining cities will likely approve the latest UPC soon. Apparently they've been used in Australia for 20 years.

  26. @Account0997 I'm not sure I it's been a wild seense shooting this video. I think I may have been using 5% Lead and 95% tin we just call it 95/5 or it could be just lead free solder.

  27. Commercial plumbing will never switch to shark fittings or pex maybe stick built commercial but highrises or factory will never they have been trying to switch to cheaper products or products that are faster to install but they won't be approved in our life time

  28. I think your right. I think any building that has more then 3 stories it's not a good idea to use pvc, pex or any other plastic piping because the toxic fumes’ if ever there is a fire in the building people would not be able to get out in time before the toxic fumes from the plastic pipes would get to them the fumes would be take you out faster then the fire.

  29. Oh yea and your right sharkbites are great, but commercial building to much water pressure would blow them out. Propress fittings are almost like Sharkbite and they do use them for large commercial building there fast and easy.

  30. Propress are nice but there are a lot of downfalls to them especially on a multimillon dollar plumbing job the cost of the fittings is high and you must supply your employees with the special tools that are,very expensive too to install you really dont make the difference up in labor even though suppliers say you will and if you need special fittings you cant just go to the supply house and get it theres usually a leed time on material which puts you behind schedule

  31. And 9 times out of 10 the specs dont list them as an approved material and youll have a hard time arguing to the engineer to switch to them or aprove that material but if the costs came down and they were stocked like copper and pex and cpvc fittings and the costs of the install tools came down they would be great and alot of plumbing contractors would use them to coup the labor costs back

  32. No A/C guys kind of weld there pipe, Some call it silver soldering or sillfloss they heat the pipe to a cherry red and then apply. It's a mush stronger bond then Solder.

  33. I'm 15, I still prefer soldered joints over anything. I like pex, but I would use the compression ring method as opposed to the shark bite. Shark bites are just lazy plumbing.

  34. Well clearly, I know more than you. Besides me telling you how bad your grammar is, I would like to say that I'm a sophomore in a technical high school, took all my courses, plumbing included, and passed with all 100's. Think before you comment.

  35. haha, thanks. And again, as a freshman I installed a water heater which was piped into a little sink. I may have pictures somewhere…

  36. Your right I didn't show it on this video. This is just a sample video. I have a lot of videos on how to solder copper pipe and there all free to watch. Start with ( how to solder copper pipe and repipe a house ) Thank you for the comment

  37. Yea I don't know. We don't use the h in School neather and we say word's like neather 🙂 We use a lot of words with silent letters. Why even put them in there if you can't hear them. Hey what do I know I'm just a plumber…Oh and we don't sound out the b in Plumber…..plummer Man I can go on and on. Any way mate thank you for your comment 🙂

  38. As an Englishman living in the US, I was just about to Google the correct pronunciation of solder – its different – like 'erbs in the US and herbs in the UK. "Sodder" sounds like I am about to whack my todger into the pipe. Now I am bi-lingual ! Nice vid – I want to sol-der a cold damp pipe – and they can be a nite-mare ! basically you cant – it has to be dry and at the right heat – no steam !

  39. Hi Thanks for the great video.I actually wanted to learn how to solder copper pipe and this video helped me with it.

  40. Thank you very much for the comment. This is just one of many how to solder copper pipe videos I have on here. If you get a chance check out the rest of them there more detailed and covering any and every think you could think of on solder copper pipe. Start with ( how to solder copper Pipe and repipe home Part 1 of 14 In HD ) again think you very much

  41. I recently bought a fixer-upper in which most of the plumbing in the basement was stolen. I did all the copper replacement and repairs myself, and your video really helped me. I especially like how you told us to "heat where you want the solder to go"

    The city water department installed a water meter at the house today, and there were no leaks when I turned on the main valve. You are indeed .. THE MAN. — Thanks !!

  42. Awesome. Thank you very much for the inspirational comments, comments like this make it all worth it. knowing that I'm reaching people. No leaks away's a good feeling even for me 🙂

  43. yeah you div thats different its a silent 'w' in sword,you 'd sound a right gimp if you uttered the word sword vocalising the'w' .lol

  44. Too bad those Links ,that popped up (trying to get you to go to other videos from this channel)
    were so big and blocked what was being shown in this video , Why would anyone want to go to another
    of your videos and not be able to see it, because your advertising more videos .

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