How to Solder Copper Pipe without a flame UK

How to Solder Copper Pipe without a flame UK

My name’s Allen Hart and today I wanted to
talk about how to solder without a flame so I’ve been a gas engineer for 28 years
since 1990 so I’ve been solder in for a long time and to be honest for you don’t
like the fumes that come off it so I’ve tried other options so at the moment I
normally do press fitting which press veins good but the fittings are a bit
big and they’re quite expensive so I’ve been looking at alternatives just seeing
this new product here this superpower so this is it’s like a bonding it’s like a
glue that glues the fittings together so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna get some
copper I’m gonna clean it up and we’re gonna glue it together
and then in some later videos I’m gonna do some tests with it so I’m gonna
pressurize it up and see what I think of it and then I’m gonna put on tests for a
little while just before I try and use it on many my customers jobs but yeah so
let’s have a look so when we look on the bottle it can be
used with hot water cold water and gas and it’s also rass approved so let’s
open it up and we’ll do a demonstration of it so you’ve got you this Sun pepper
it’s like some purple of it so this is Magic cloth so it’s it’s a p6 day grip
pepper so you’ve got to clean the pipe up so and what it says is you’ve got to
put Tramp up grooves in there and then get your fitting and also clean up as
well now then just get your liquid just pile that in and then just push that together and
then it says like restrictions to rotate 360 degrees and then you need to leave
that then for five minutes and then you can use it it says that it sets hard
after after 60 seconds so we’ll see so we’ll have a closer look at that now and
then you can have a look again so this is quite really and then we’ll just leave that now to
set so that superpower solderless copper bonding liquid what do
we think to it well it feels good it’s strong for fit
and feel strong we’ll do some future tests so we’ll test
it I’ll put water in it and I’ll put on a like a long test long reveal really
and yeah I’d love to know what you think of it it’s a new product to to this
market so yeah they’re very interested to see what your views are on it please
let them make comments below and thank you for taking the time to watch this


  1. Hi Alan
    Cheers for that. Clear and precise as always.
    I too am done with soldering.. using flux just needs to go. Plus the 3hr rule is a pain.
    Be interested to know how you got on with that and if ya using out in field yet.
    Couple of obvious queries.. how is it if theres a bit of water present and will any p60 grit do or is the product warranty void if using other than theirs.
    Also how many joints do you think you'll get out of a bottle.
    Sorry for asking, could go priduct website but nothing like a firld test.👍

  2. This stuff doesn't have a particularly long shelf life. I've used equivalent products, I don't really rate it. For the diyer who's not overly confident with traditional soldering, it's ok.

  3. Hi Alan.

    I see this product weeks ago and thought it would be great for my quirky drinks projects…. as it just a load of copper pipe going and doing nothing. So I set about ordering a sample because I am not paying £20 odd for something that might not work. I played my money and didn't receive it I called them and got told they had posted it but would look into it … still to date nor received anything…so there attention to detail make me wonder if the product his any good……. I do also have a proper maintenance business which I . Also thought might benefits from this product…. it's a shame..

  4. I know what you mean about soldering fumes, i find they give me hedaches and i dont even solder everyday like you.

    I simply wouldnt trust that glue, particularly long term or with hot water.

    Have you thought of wearing a respirator when soldering. I do now and dont have any hedaches since.

    It might look a bit odd but for me as someone who works as maintenance encompassing multiple trades i cant justify press fit and dont trust speeffit.

    To be honhest if im doing a kitchen or bathroom id rather a clean look of pipework with end feed fittings any day to any other pipe fitting.

  5. Hi Allen,

    Question for you mate, how can you turn the pipe 360 when its going into a fixed pipe/ going into the last fitting? Just put it in flush im guessing because you can't turn it, will it still bond and work though?

    Cheers, great videos as always mate.

  6. Hi Allan. If that product can hold 10 bar air test. And a test of you trying to crack a joint with your hands bending a joint back and fourth. If so I think its excellent and would be 3 times quicker than cupro rods… 👍

  7. Thanks Allen.. another well composed video with 'detail'. Love you videos. However: I can't see how you do the equivalent of de-soldering. You glue it and then find you pipework design would be better routed another way. How do you undo the gluing. Thanks

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