How to Stack Bracelets | Brighton Jewelry

How to Stack Bracelets | Brighton Jewelry

Hi! I’m Veronica and I love wearing an armful of bracelets.
You might feel the same for you might want to wear only a few at a time. I’m here to share some simple tips for
stacking your bracelets. The beauty of stacking is that a looks you create will
be uniquely yours. Tip 1: mix different weights and widths of
bracelets together to add dimension and texture to your style. Tip 2: Add in a bracelet with a
sentimental message. The Art & Soul bracelets let you expressed what’s in your heart. Tip #3: don’t be shy when it comes to mixing metals. Different metal hues combine well. It’s easy to create a cohesive look with
metal mixes Tip #4: Pick a watch to anchor your stacking design. You can mix bold or simple bracelets with the watch and make your own stylish statement. Now that you’ve seen how simple it could be, go ahead and mix, match and stack to your heart’s content. And if you’d like any help creating your stacked bracelet looks, we’ll be happy to help anywhere Brighton is sold.

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