How To Stay Healthy with The Copper Shark

How To Stay Healthy with The Copper Shark

The necessity for a resource of this magnitude
has long been overdue…….Did you know that eighty percent of infectious diseases are
transmitted by touch? Deadly micro-organisms can survive in scratches on disinfected surfaces
such as stainless steel and plastics longer than you think. For example, Rotavirus can
last up to sixty days; Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci (VRE) lasts up to four months,
(MRSA) up to seven months and E-Coli UP TO SIXTEEN MONTHS!!! That’s not all, another
danger to society is hospital acquired infections. HAI’s have been estimated to kill more people
each year in the US than auto accidents, AIDS and cancer combined! That’s 100,000 deaths
annually that cost the US healthcare system forty-five billion dollars a year! So with that being said, I ask you, “why
risk touching these bacteria contaminated surfaces when you don’t have to?” As the
founder of CU Healthy Products, I have developed a simple solution for this very dilemma. That
solution…..The Copper Shark!! What is the Copper Shark you ask? The Copper
Shark is a revolutionary device made of antimicrobial copper and that is your new weapon against
bacteria contaminated surfaces. Antimicrobial copper is the only touch surface material
registered by the EPA to continuously kill more than 99.99 percent of the bacteria that
cause infections within two hours of exposure. The Copper Shark is the first device of its
kind. This convenient to carry device is designed to open lever style doors, push buttons on
elevators and vending machines. It also can flush toilets, turn on faucets and manipulate
any number of other touch surfaces in public places that may be contaminated with bacteria.
The Copper Shark is also one hundred percent recycled and recyclable, chemical free, environmentally
friendly made right here in the good ole US of A! The Copper Shark was an idea that I developed
after my wife Jolene was diagnosed with colon cancer. This meant she would have to undergo
treatments that would leave her immune compromised, or with a weakened immune system that was
less capable of fighting off infections. She was always afraid of touching public surfaces
and getting sick. With The Copper Shark, Jolene was able to concentrate on her treatment and
family while being less concerned with what she had to touch. So with all the possibilities of bacteria
ridden surfaces and HAI’s, why touch it if you don’t have to? Come visit us at the for testimonies and see how these people have benefited from using The
Copper Shark. Call or visit now to order your Copper Shark today and see how it will become
an everyday necessity for your life!


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