How to Sweat Copper Pipes : Applying Flux to Copper Pipes

Hey everybody Don Golden with Expert Village
and we’re moving on with our copper piping. I’m going to show you now what you need to
join these in everlasting matrimony. What we are going to do is we are going to use
what is called flux paste. This is a water soluble product that is used whenever you
are soldering. It is a kind of nasty looking pasty kind of material that once you put it
on and they actually make a brush for it as well and it is available in any hardware store.
You want to take your flux and run it around there until you see it turn gray again. There
we go. Sometimes it turns colors when it sits around for a while but it doesn’t mean it
is bad. Then you are going to flux every part of this thing that is going to be soldered.
You are going to flux the outside pieces. You are going to flux the inside pieces, like
this, stick it in and swirl it around, make sure that you are going to get good coverage
because this stuff is what makes the solder flow and harden very quickly once it heats
up. Again it is water soluble so you don’t have to worry about it once it seals and you
have water coming through here it cleans itself out. There you go. We have got a whole bunch
of flux on here. Now when we come back we are going to fit these back together and obviously
when you are in the middle of the job you want to make sure that everything is fit perfectly
and we are going to dry fit when we come back.

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