How to Sweat Copper Pipes : Removing Extra Solder from Copper Pipes

How to Sweat Copper Pipes : Removing Extra Solder from Copper Pipes

Hey good people Don Golden here for Expert
Village and we are working on our copper pipe. We just sweated it, it’s hot and what I want
to do is clean it up a little. The joint can get a little messy. We want it to look good.
I like things to look good. If you’ve got some extra copper, just heat it up a little
bit. Take your wire brush and if you have got some extra solder around there that you
want to get rid of, just heat it up and start doing that, it just wipes right off. Same
thing on this side.
Be careful, you don’t want this thing spraying on your hand because it is very hot. You might
want to wear a pair of gloves. If you have got a good pair of gloves, you might want
to wear them. Take a rag and there you go. It is a nice clean joint now. We can do the
same thing we did last time to cool this down and firm it up. A little cool water on there
is not going to hurt it. That looks much better than it did the first time. Now you have a
nice clean solid joint. If for some reason something goes wrong again, you can heat this
up and take it apart. Copper is really fun to work with, you can take it redo it and
do it again. It’s not that big a deal and you shouldn’t be scared of it just because
you didn’t know how to do it before.


  1. You should leave the torches alone, maybe get a job as a maid at a hotel or something that you're more qualified for.

  2. OMG! These guys got "Village" right, but need to take the word "Expert" out of it LOL! I've seen a lot of HVAC related videos by these guys that are very BAD advice! Tsk Tsk! πŸ™‚

  3. So if you all disagree? why is this then rated with 4 stars? I'll try to down it a littlebit, untill the Mr Sweat comes clean with some proof his method doesn't affect pipe performance (leakages, less pressure etc.)

  4. As pointed out below this guy is a REAL hack. If you follow his poor instructions you will have a high percentage of failed or going to fail shortly joints. Check out other how to sweat copper videos on You Tube (like Tony the plumbers video).

  5. In the UK this clown would be called a " Cowboy Plumber ". He thinks working with copper is fun. He should try doing it all day

  6. I found that all the so call experst on Expert Village are a BUNCH OF FUCKING IDIOTS! Every category they address are full of mistakes. Watch the video with the stupid women who does 'sign language' or the guy who is teaching someone how to play in different musical 'meters'. It's a joke! DON'T LISTEN TO ANYONE FROM "EXPERT VILLAGE". It should be called "ASSHOLE VILLAGE"

  7. , he got his copper too hot in the first place. the trick to making a clean solder joint is heat control and knocking the extra off with the solder your working with.

  8. @cjfly7, totally agreed!. This guy is probably a handymen.
    Don't listen to this guy. Do not do that to a solder. That is wrong.
    Why he did the solder in a messy way the first time?
    I have seen bigtonytheplumber do an copper solder by the book. You should find his video to related videos.

  9. i like part where he explains the importance of gloves he is not wearing and the proper eyewear he completely neglects.

  10. Yes TARD cooling your pipe or fittings pre-maturley CAN harm it. It can weaken the pipe and fitting.People please look at other vids on you tube there are much better ones out there that are easy to understand.I have watched all this guys vids just for laughs.I have been soldering/brazing for 20 years and can tell you this isnt the way.

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