How to take fingerprint impressions for beautiful personalised silver charms – KNR Jewellery

How to take fingerprint impressions for beautiful personalised silver charms – KNR Jewellery

[music] Taking fingerprint impressions is really easy
to do And only takes a few minutes Please watch this short film fully Before you begin To ensure the best possible results for your
jewellery The better your impression The better your finished jewellery will be [music.] The Impression Kit contains a full set of
instructions A pre-paid return envelop for your impressions Your moulding compounds And details of how to order your chosen jewellery Remove your impression compounds from their
bags If you Impression Kit is for more than one
person We will have sent you different colours So you can remember whose is who Please make sure everyone’s hands are Clean, cool and dry We recommend you use the index finger However do not choose a finger with cuts or
marks As this will show in your impression You will need two bowls of water One freshly boiled The other cold Place your moulding compounds into the freshly
boiled hot water And wait for 2 minutes While you are waiting Write the names or inscription details For each impression On the white strip on the plastic bag Please also add your kit number Which can be found handwritten In the bottom right hand corner on the back
of your impression kit Or on your return envelop Please write clearly. With a teaspoon Carefully lift out one of the impression compounds Take it from the spoon and place into the
palm of your hand It will feel quite warm but should not burn
you It may need rolling between your fingers to
create a smooth ball And should now be pliable enough to make your
first impression Press the finger firmly into the mould Then slowly peel the finger away Being careful not to mis-shape the impression If it was not soft enough Has a crease through the impression Or you make a mistake Simply return it to the hot water There is no limit to how many times You can repeat this process Giving you as many attempts as you need To get it just right Place the impression into the cold water to
harden When you have finished making your impressions Remove them from the cold water And dab carefully with kitchen paper To remove excess water Check that you are happy with the impressions You should be able to see fingerprint lines Check that they are free from any creases And leave to air dry Once your impressions are fully dry Place each of them into their labelled bags The name and kit number should be clearly
written on each bag Follow our instructions inside your kit For completing your order details And place your impressions In the enclosed pre-paid return envelop Return your order form and impressions to
us And allow 2-3 weeks for the return Of your custom made Personalised fingerprint jewellery Don’t worry about having to remember all
of this As full instructions are included in your
kit And you can always return to this short film Thank you for choosing KNR Jewellery [Please visit our website for more products] [The Impression Kit is suitable for all of
our product] [Please click below to buy your Impression
Kit today] [Provision Media –]


  1. Really well put together video and the voice-over makes it really clear on how to take fingerprint impressions

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