How to Tell Real Gold from Fake

How to Tell Real Gold from Fake

How to Tell Real Gold from Fake. You can uncover a treasure at yard sales and
flea markets if you know how to tell real gold from fake. Follow these tips to learn how to find your
pot of gold. You will need Gold coin Gold jewelry Jeweler
or metal exchange expert and tissue paper or jewelry box (optional). Step 1. Bite down onto a gold coin or jewelry piece. Fake gold will not dent at all on a bite test. Real gold will, but so will some newer methods
of gold plating. Store gold jewelry separate from jewelry with
diamonds, or the diamonds might scratch the gold. Wrap gold in tissue paper or store it in a
separate jewelry box. Step 2. Examine the surface of the gold item to see
if you can find a stamp or other marking that indicates a carat value. American-made gold items will have this type
of mark, but items from other countries may not. Step 3. Examine the surface of the gold item, looking
carefully for any green or black spots that may be visible. These markings indicate fake gold. Pay particular attention to edges and clasps
when examining the surface of the gold, as this is often where the discoloration appears. Step 4. Hold the gold item in your hand, and pay attention
to the weight. Real gold is very dense and heavy, but fake
gold will feel lighter. Step 5. Consult with a jeweler or metal exchange expert
to confirm the authenticity of your gold item. They can also help you determine a value for
your new find and help you know whether you did indeed find real gold. Did you know In 1848, James Marshall found
a few flakes of gold at Sutter’s Mill in California. During the next seven years, nearly 300,000
people traveled to California to seek their treasure and look for gold.


  1. Simple test at home… use a women's blush makeup
    …using the brush to apply just a little to your forearm or back of your hand… then rub some gold over the blush on your forearm or hand…if you see black lines or marks where you rubbed the gold..then it's real… if you see no black marks or streaks then it's fake… simple home test… you're welcome👍 idk wth these people talking bout..

  2. Another tip put it in a flame and if it turn black its ruined and fake, but if remains the same color its real, Real Gold does not burn.

  3. This is bs because if u have a 9k gold chain ofc it’s gonna feel way lighter then a 18k but it doesn’t mean the 9k isn’t real ffs like if u agree

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