How to tell when copper wire isn’t really copper!!!

How to tell when copper wire isn’t really copper!!!

Hey fans, just want to show you something real quick here just playing around with my wire strippers and a I had three pieces of wire that were fairly similar but usually on a silver colored wires I run a magnet over them just to make sure their not steel. But what I found……the copper colored wire the magnet sticks That is definitely copper plated steel………………So now I got to identify are these tin plated or copper? I mean tin plated or aluminum. One quick way to check is to take a razor
blade and scrap on the outside On that one there, I don’t know if you can
see it……….where I’ve scraped you see the copper tone come through so this piece here is going to be to
be tin plated copper This one here………….. taking my razor blade and scrapping on the outside don’t know or not if you can see it again it’s got a bright silver color to it this is going to be aluminum and just a quick check here yeap, if you can’t see it again, but, silver color comes through when I scrap on the copper So that will go in my steel bin That will go in my #2 copper and this will go in my aluminum bin Hey, if you like that video, like it, comment on it, Subscribe to my channel. I’ll get you updates on all my new stuff coming up There’s a lot of it! ………………..Have Fun! Bye!


  1. Thank you! I'm trying to make jewelry from copper inside the wiring harnesses that I collect at work (junk yard/towing) but I see I have a lot to learn ! thanks again for your help, it's greatly appreciated! !

  2. teacher i like you.but i have any question. with how to find (jumper wire) help me teach i have work with solution phones hardware and software pls reply

  3. I see thicker outer pvc layer with some aluminium wire i attempt to strip…
    Got some tonight-didn't double check. Two handfulls in the bin.

  4. 2 day ago i was buying 20 meter copper wire! In fact the seller give me aluminum with Cooper paint!! 😂 and there is 2 other way expect scratch! 1= ask seller to show you the wire and remove the plastic shell cover than look in the main and the center of wire if it was white {iron or steel color} you can easily see this is not a cooper wire! But if was red that's definitely is Cooper wire.
    2= burn the one layer of wire and if color changed to white or burned complete you realize this is fake cooper wire! . I hope these ways become useful

  5. I have been working on the wiring on my trailer. I ran a crossed one wire that was acting like it was literally rotting from the inside. I’m sure that copper doesn’t do that so I’m wondering what is in that stuff.

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