How to Test Silver Using Silver Acid

How to Test Silver Using Silver Acid

This is a silver acid tester. It is used to
test whether your jewelry is made of real silver. Testing is easy, all you need is your jewelry, a scratch stone and the acid itself. First, rub the jewelry on the scratch stone
until you see a nice visible line of deposit on the stone. Take the acid and apply a small amount across the line on the scratch stone. If the deposit remains in-tact through the acid, then it
has passed. In this case, the ring is real silver. If the line becomes mottled or disappears in the acid, then you know the test has failed. It’s that easy. You can order this great product and many
more at FindingKing Online Store.

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  1. I take a small nail and scratch inside the band in the least visible location on the ring. Then apply the acid with a dental pick so i have fractions of a drop being used. Then I use magnification to watch the reaction; Red = Silver, blue/green/gray (will bubble like acid eating metal) = fake

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