How to Train a Golden Retriever : How to Teach Your Golden Retriever their Name

How to Train a Golden Retriever : How to Teach Your Golden Retriever their Name

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village. Today, we’re going to talk about training golden retrievers. This
is Bodie, this golden retriever I just grabbed out of the play yard here at Taurus. So he
has some dirt and slobber on him, and he’s also a dog that I don’t know at all. So
the first thing I need to do with this golden retriever is to teach him to pay attention
to me. Now, I’d like to use his name. His name is Bodie, and what I’m going to do
to teach him to pay attention to me, a brand new handler, a new trainer, is to say the
name and then mark when he makes eye contact. Then I’ll reward him. If you haven’t already,
by the way, please check out the pre-training videos before you start working with your
golden retriever. So, he’s very intent on his environment, and I think he wants to go
back to the play yard. So I want to do something to get his attention and keep him from pulling
on the leash… hey… hey kiddo there we go, Oh! Now he knows I have food. “Look
at those beautiful brown eyes, what a pretty golden retriever!” Bodie, good… okay.
Now I’m having to use the food as a lure to get his eyes up to mine, but that’s alright.
It’s a good first step in training your golden retriever how to pay attention. Wait
till he looks away… Bodie, good, so that time I did use a little bit of hand signal
to get him to look at me. Bodie, good… okay, Oh, Excellent! This golden is very bright
and responsive. Bodie, good… okay. So, you can see there I waited a little bit longer
before I gave him the treat. That’s how you teach your dog to make sustained the eye
contact and really pay attention to you. Bodie, good, he looked away, give a little help,
good, up. Now I’m waiting too long, I need to reward Bodie a little bit more quickly
to set him up to succeed, and then start gradually increasing the time between giving the command
marking it and giving the reward. Bodie, good… okay. We’re going to end the session with
a success teaching this golden retriever to respond his name and pay attention to his


  1. ok i like it , u got his atention but how do you get it if you do not have food with you on your walk or so ? and how do you explain the training in relation to the pack mentality, as that is how they relate to us isn't it ? i find that rewording them with play is a better metod

  2. Thanks for helping out because I got a big big big surprise for my mom I'm going to teach my dogs almost every basic trick like sit. And lie down I have set lie down shake paws and I have hifive.

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