How to Train a Golden Retriever : How to Teach Your Golden Retriever to Sit

How to Train a Golden Retriever : How to Teach Your Golden Retriever to Sit

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village. Today we’re going to talk about training golden retrievers. Let’s
teach this golden retriever how to sit. Now since I don’t know Bodie, I don’t know
which technique is going to work for him. I do however know that he likes food; and
by the way I’m using pieces of his dog food here as a reward because Bodie has got some
food allergies. I’m going to try to get his attention. Bodie, good, sit, good. Now,
there he sat automatically. So, I just used serendipity there and said the word as he
did it, and then marked him and rewarded it. What I’m going to show you now is how to
teach golden retriever sit using food as a lure. Okay, come here, show him the food and
lead their nose upward, Sit, good. That’s the proper sequence. You lead their nose upward.
You say the word as the bottom is going down, you mark it as soon as the bottom hits the
ground, and the then give the reward. If you haven’t already, be sure to checkout the
video on giving commands properly before you proceed teaching your golden retriever how
to sit. Bodie, good, okay, okay, let’s try that again… sit, good. Oh! Very nice. You
like your dog food, okay. Sit… good, very nice. Notice I didn’t give him a treat that
time. I want the rewards to start becoming random at this point. Okay, sit, good. Now
I’m not even using food as a lure. I’m just using a hand signal. We might even get
to the point when Bodie is responding to a verbal command. Let’s try it. Okay… sit…
good… I might not have a relationship with Bodie, but obviously somebody has trained
him, but since I’m a new trainer, it was easy for me to show you the sequence of having
how to teach your golden retriever how to sit. Now, be patient, not all golden retrievers,
especially young puppies are quite this responsive. So we’re going to go on and see if Bodie
knows anything about lying down.


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