How To: Tubular Mesh Braided Bracelet

How To: Tubular Mesh Braided Bracelet

hello I’m Steph I’m going to teach you
today how to make a plaited mesh tube bracelet what I’ve got here is some gray
formula meter mesh tubing and it’s quite versatile I could do all sorts with it I’m
going to attempt to do something a little bit different and and to do that
I’m going to finish off the ends of three pieces of tube and actually glue
them inside the rhodium-plated barrel clasp which is nine millimeters this is
the barrel clasp so all three ends should fit quite nicely inside the ends
there to do this I thought there’s gonna be a couple of things that it’s going to
find really tricky because I’m going to be filling the tubing with seed beads
for this project and I said I want to be able to fill them and plant them so I
don’t want all my beads to fall out so I come up with a few little tricks which
hopefully will work quite nicely so first things first I’m going to actually
stitch some four millimeter beads and slide the ends of my tubing so I’ve just
got a scrap piece of thread here and a beading needle and I’m gonna hold onto
my tubing I’m gonna pop my bead in the end here you can see it’s just sat just
below the top there and then with my scrap bit of what thread I’m gonna go in
through the tubing through the hole in the bead and out the other side they
have to be an expert in sewing or anything to do this so now my bead is
suspended I’m held by that piece of thread inside there I’m just going to go
through again so it doesn’t fall out and move around too much so that’s just a
loop around and that’s just going to hold that bead in place I’m now going to
add a second boot to the second length of tubing and do exactly the same again
with the long end of my thread so into the tubing it’s the beads going to
behave probably not okay so the tubing through the beads and at the
other side and now that will sit next to my first piece of tubing and I’m just
going to go through that bead again just to stop it from moving around pull that
thread now I’ve got two pieces of cording there next to each other and
then I’m gonna do the same game for the third piece you now I’m just gonna tie my two ends of
threat together just to stop everything moving around quite so much now I’ve got you can see there
the three are held together quite nicely and they just got the beads inside there
so that’s going to stop everything from collapsing I’m some trim up some thread
all this will get hidden inside the barrel and so it really doesn’t matter
too much excess thread and when I come to gluing this in here I can shove those
really far in and that’ll work quite nicely I could trim off any excess bits
that are sticking out and I’m going to use an epoxy resin glue for this so
that’s a two-part and glue that you mix together and when it sets that’s solid like
plastic so I’m just gonna mix my glue up on a scrap piece of the plastic bag
I would ordinarily not to mix any glue anywhere near a beading – ever because
being that some do not mix well together and but for the purpose of the video it
is easier nuts have to move everything so the glue comes as one part and
hardener and one part resin and when the to mix together that’s when a curing
process starts next equal measures just the two parts together it’s now going to coat the ends of my
tubing in the glue and I’m going to put a reasonable amount on because I don’t
want it to move around in the side and because the glue is like a gel
consistency it’s quite easy to put quite a bit on and it should fill all the gaps
in the slide the barrel I’m going to slide the barrel on over all of the ends
much you’re going to put a little bit more inside the barrel because and I’ll
help fill any empty bits as well if you get any bits of glue on the
outside of the barrel you can always peel them off afterwards but it’s
recommended not to get on your hands like I’ve just done okay
now that feels quite secure inside there so I’m now going to leave that to dry
it’ll be workable in sort of five to ten minutes and but it’ll take a full 24
hours to cure completely but we’ll be able to work with us again shortly so
now my three lengths of tubing are attached in I’ve left that for about 10
minutes or so so it goes off and I can carry on with my bracelet so and well
I’m going to be doing to fill the tubes is using an size 8 silver lined seed
beads and because I’ve got a little bit of sparkle i thought it might make a
nice and nice combination together so comfort and clear silver lines aqua salt
lines and blue or silver lines nice summery colors and I need to fill each
strand to a similar sort of length and before I can do any of the platting or
braiding and and because I need the bracelet to have a finished length of
about 15 16 centimetres I’m actually going to go for and 20 centimetres of
filled and tubing so that when I actually braid it and it doesn’t it will
take up some of the length and I hope you won’t run out of space at the end
and because the beads come like this I filled them into these tubes and I
decided to come up with a clever way of creating a paper funnel and just out of
just an old piece of paper I rolled up the bottom bit and then stuck of more
for more shape this at the top and just take together it’s very easy to do and
then that will fit inside the top of my tube like sooo I’ll just hold that in
place and as I pour beads in there are thought possible with the clear ones pure a few in to begin with need a bit of a shake but they all going
down this bit is taking a little bit of a
while but then I’ve just got them slowly trickling down into the tube so you can
see them starting to build up there and so I will get this all done and then I
can move on okay so I filled all the Chiefs now so they’ve all got size eight
seed beads in and so approximately 20 22 23 centimeters worth it’s full and I
thought it’s better to be safe than sorry and I got a little bit extra in
and so I’ve just finished off the ends by flattening the tubing and adding a
bead stopper on and that way as you braid if they end up at slightly
different months at the end you can just take a few beads out if needs be to make
them all the same size so now I can start the braiding so I’m just going to
do a really traditional braid or plat and where you take the outside edge into
the middle and then swap so it’s always one from the side into the center I’m
not making the braid really really tight and that might make the bracelet a
little bit too bulky and then just swapping them over see and see there the
partners starting to build up so nice loose braid
works very well here you can see there that this braid works really nicely and as a
bracelet that’s gonna look brilliant okay so as I suspected not all my
strands are the same length at the end here so these two are pretty much the
same note that doesn’t it take a few out of this sense slightly paler blue color
and I can release all the clamps now as well so just to make these the same length
I’ll just take a few of those blue ones out so they’re all finishing at roughly the
same size there now going to do the same as I did at the beginning where I
sewed a bead into the end of each tube I’m also gonna check that’s a good size
bracelet so with my major bit of threat I had earlier and because I don’t want
to have to feed my four millimeter beads down four millimeter tube and all the
way down there to stitch them in I’m just going to trim it off and here and
I’m gonna do exactly the same as that pop the bead into the end and stitch
around and then attack glue on the end so I’ve just trimmed down the edges of
the tubing so I can stitch the stopper beads in in place so exactly the same
processes at the beginning of the bracelet so I’m going to drop and bead
down inside do we want this to now sits on top of these seed beads the right
position and so through and again I’m just gonna loop that through once was now held in place I’m just hot
keeping hold of all three ends I don’t want to put them down and then the beads
to spill out and that will make life a lot more difficult you okay so now all three are stitched
across I’m going to tie the two ends together again so we get a tube shape
for putting into the barrel shaped end so now my braids can’t
it’s all together now okay turn off those excess bits of thread and trim the
ends down ready to pop the barrel end on to the last part of the bracelet and it
this again requires mixing up more glue it should be short enough now to fit at
the end yes so this ends now glued in so I just need to wait for that to dry and
we’ll have a finish bracelet there’ll be a full list of what have
used for this bracelet underneath the video and do make sure to subscribe so
that you get to see all of our new videos


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