How To Twist Copper Wire For Beginners – 01

How To Twist Copper Wire For Beginners – 01

Twisted wire x2, x4, x8 We can use them to make the frame for the product. In this video I have used copper wire gauge 19. I choose the twisted wire clockwise. Keep two copper wires of equal length and width. Hold tight and twist evenly clockwise. Try to twist the force between two copper wires. No need to squeeze, try to twist evenly first. twistedness will be uneven. We will twist again, making them tightly and evenly. Twist several times to equalize and have the product you desire. I will twist this half to make you feel different. A trick for you to twist a long copper wire We shortened the length of the copper wire in the spiral. When you twist the copper wire, you will not tangle. I will try twisted wire x2, x4, x8 for you to imagine. I have 19 gauge wires with lengths of 30cm, 60cm, 120cm Follow the same pattern as before. Do the same for 2 pieces 60cm long The one we try to twist clockwise. same with the original way. Form 2 will twist back from the original. is twisted counterclockwise Keep the cutting head longer. To be able to combine with the other end when finished. Form 01, the rope is at the top to the right, the rope is at the bottom to the left Form 02, we do the opposite. Twist clockwise. Do not squeeze the tool, avoid scratching copper wire For the two pieces of bonding, we combine them together. The first x4 twist, I rarely use this type. Followed by a reverse twist, counterclockwise. Try to keep the tool firm and tight to reduce copper stripping. Mix the excess together. This form will be more beautiful and look very impressive I often use this pattern to make a frame for the tree of life. Followed by a twist x8 with a length of 160cm (1.6m) We make step 1 twist clockwise, step 2 opposite. Step 3 is the same as step 01 and is the opposite of step 02. When x8 copper wire is quite hard, I use a support device. Because I do not have a nippers covered with rubber. I use tight cloth and pliers as well as avoid scratching the copper wire. You should use a smaller gauge wiring better than mine. Keep it tight and twist it together. After twisting x8 we have a length of 12cm. ^^ I used to make a bracelet with this kind of twist. Wish you could make the perfect product with this twist. Thank you for watching my video.


  1. I'm not trying to say that your way isn't good but I use a drill and I just put one end of the wires into the Chuck tighten it down and hold the other end with the pliers and make sure I got a good grip and then turn on the drill

  2. I have some copper wire in different colors on the way and I have tiny beads. I'm going to try to make some of these with some of the beads for some extra bling 🙂

  3. Es muy bonito pero explica en español ami me gustaría saber todo lo que emprendas pero se ría me jor explicar gracias

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