How to use a Bead Cone to Finish a Multi-Strand Bracelet

How to use a Bead Cone to Finish a Multi-Strand Bracelet


  1. May I know the diameter of the bead cones you're using in this video?

    I have some 11/0, 13/0 & 15/0 to make multi-strands but I'm not sure what size (diameter) bead cones to purchase. Ideally I would like to have 6 strands into a cone. Thanks!!

  2. @coffeenciggy Thanks for your question! The Vintaj natural brass cones that I am using in the video have an 8mm opening at the widest point, which tapers down to a 4mm opening. With this size, you should be able to comfortably fit several strands of seed beads. If you have a problem fitting them all in, add smaller beads to the end of each strand since this part of the project will be hidden by the cone anyhow!

  3. @ Beadaholique – thank u very much for the dimensions!! I wouldn't have been able to tell from eyeballing your video (they turned out to be smaller than I thought) – as you can see, my sense of spatial dimensions isn't too great :))

  4. So far, of all the videos I've searched for on this specific topic, yours is the most comprehensive and easy to understand…I LOVE the look of cones–especially the vintage looking pieces that are so popular in "steampunk" jewelry and I am getting ready to make a fab necklace and bracelet set for a co-working who's getting married soon, so this video really answered my question! Thank you, Andrea!

  5. I love this!  I stop trying to use bead cones because the ends looked so incomplete and ugly.  This is the best by far.

  6. I like that you explained to put the delicas on the end so will all fit into the cone. That is an important detail that others have missed.

  7. I have been looking for hours for a bead cone with an eye on it. I used them on the snowflake wire forms. Do you have these or know where I can get some. I dont have the package for a name . Thanks for any help.

  8. WOW thanks for the great tip! I’ve been struggling for years trying to figure this one out. Bless you!

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