How To Use Copper Plumber’s Solder

How To Use Copper Plumber’s Solder

This is a tube of copper bearing solder paste. This is a specially formulated paste for copper, brass, nickel and bronze. It is perfect for joining heavy metals and conditions where
ordinary solder would fail. First clean both sides of the joints to be soldered. Press the plunger to dispense a liberal bead amount of paste to the male portion of the joint. Assemble joint and twist a half turn. Apply
the flame and keep torch 2-3 inches away from the joint until paste starts flowing. Make sure not to heat the solder directly.
Instead, heat around the solder allowing the metal to heat the solder, rather than the
flame. Dip the newly soldered joint in a cup of water, allowing it to cool before you handle it. Your joint should be securely soldered tight. It’s that easy. You can order this great product and many
more at FindingKing Online Store.

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