[How To Use] Film-Free Metallic Waterslide Decal Paper (Gold, Silver) | 무필름 메탈릭 물전사지

[How To Use] Film-Free Metallic Waterslide Decal Paper (Gold, Silver) | 무필름 메탈릭 물전사지

Hi today I will be showing you
how to apply film-free metallic decal. If you have a look at our previous tutorial
for laser film-free waterslide decal, you will notice that the waterslide one
only transfers the ink on the surface. This is quite different from a conventional sticker,
which transfers the ink as a paper or a film. With film-free metallic decal, it is quite
similar to the waterslide one in that sense. Say you want to apply a gold butterfly
on a white surface for instance only the butterfly part of the golf foil gets transferred. Change the size and the shape of the image as desired. I used adobe photoshop as an example but you can also use illustrator or
other programs which would work just as well. We are printing the image as it is
because it will be applied face off. Please print in black
on the glossy side of the blue decal paper. Heat up the laminating machine to
120 degrees, which at the lowest speed. It should roughly take around
a couple of minutes to reach the temperature. Place the gold foil on top of the blue decal
face up so that two papers overlap each other. We recommend putting glue on top edge of the decal so the foil doesn’t shrink inside the laminating machine. Feed the papers through the machine. Make sure that the papers are not curling up
as this could cause the machine to jam. If the machine does jam, stop it straight away
and press the reverse button to remove the papers. Peel off the gold foil to reveal
the gold design transfer to the blue decal. We have to eliminate the second time but we will be overlapping the blue decal
with a standard white decal. The glossy side of the white decal with the coating
and the image should face each other. Feed it through the machine in the same fashion. Then use a wet cloth or a tissue
to soak the blue decal and remove it. Cut out the image with a pair of scissors. Place the decal in a bowl of water for around 3-5 seconds, then apply glue W1. Attach the image on the surface
remove the backing paper. Blow-dry with a hair dryer for 3-5 minutes or if possible, bake in the oven at 100 degrees for 10-20 minutes
or you can choose to let it dry naturally for 3-4 hours. Remove the final film carefully. Dry it for the second time to make the ink
more resistant to physical stress or dishwashing. Again 3-5 minutes with a hair dryer or at least 10 minutes in the oven
at 180 to 220 degrees would suffice.


  1. Hi i need to ask.
    Can it clear coat over Film-Free Metallic Waterslide Decal Paper and Type A Film-free Waterslide Decal Paper after final?

  2. You say that you can allow the decals to dry naturally before removing the film but when I tried that the decals didn't stick. Also, when I dry them in the oven (as per pack instructions ) they bubble up even though they were completely wrickle and bubble free before hand. Any help with this would be appreciated as I was so excited about using your product!

  3. Hi, I notice at 3:49 that after you remove film, you can still see the glue very clearly, is there a way to remove the glue? Can you rub with alcohol after drying to remove glue but leave image? Thanks.

  4. Is it possible to apply two layers of decals, first the color, and second is the metallic one. I'm interested in vintage ornament where certain areas of artwork, such as stroke edges, are metallic gold and silver.

  5. Hello, I need to apply a gold decal with black lettering on it. After I have transferred the gold design to the blue decal paper, can I take this blue decal paper and run it through my laser printer again to print in black on top of the gold?

  6. Can I use this technic on candles? I have a specific candle wax wich causes dripping when use decal transfer paper. So only the ink on the candle would be perfect

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