[How To Use] Metallic Tattoo Paper(Gold/Silver) | 메탈릭 타투 스티커

[How To Use] Metallic Tattoo Paper(Gold/Silver) | 메탈릭 타투 스티커

Today we will be looking at how to use
Metallic tattoo paper. The paper comes in two colors gold and silver. All you need is a laser printer and laminater at home. First, print in black and white
on the glossy side of the paper. Place the metallic film on top of the printer
with the grey side of the film facing down. Glue the top of the edge of the film so that
the film doesn’t move inside the machine. Feed the overlapping papers through
the pre-heated laminating machine. The laminating temperature: 85~120℃ (185~250℉)
Speed: Lowest possible. Carefully separate the film from the decal. Place the blue paper on top of the glossy side
of the white coating paper with metallic side of blue paper facing down. Feed the papers through the pre-heated
laminating machine in the same fashion. Dab the blue decal with water. and wait for 20~30 secs to remove. Proceed to the next step only
when the white decal is completely dry. You are going to attach the backing sheet to the printed sheet. Peel back a small corner of the adhesive sheet. Slowly take off the backing sheet and place the
adhesive sheet on top until both sheets overlap. Remove any remaining air pockets with a ruler. Cut around the edges of the image and trim. Peel off the adhesive sheet from the image. Place a tattoo onto your skin and rub well. Use wet tissues or cotton to dab on the tattoo. Dab well for about 10 seconds. Once the back and starts to loosen, remove. Your beautiful tattoo is ready to go!


  1. While the packaging is clearly marked for the need of a laser printer, the description on Amazon says nothing about it. Is it possible to use this paper in an inkjet printer and get a useable tattoo or will it just end up a big mess?

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