How to use the Best Silver Hair Line – PURE SILVER from NATULIQUE

How to use the Best Silver Hair Line – PURE SILVER from NATULIQUE

Hi everybody! I want to introduce you
today to our new Silver Line. These products are 100% certified vegan and I want to show you what we can do with it. So we all know the colour after it’s been
bleached with the unwanted yellow tones. I have already pre-worked the doll head. So this is the pre-bleached hair and the result after our Pure Silver Shampoo is this one. So you can see the difference after one washing. I didn’t leave it in for a few minutes, but you can. So this is our Pure Silver Shampoo. Wash it one time or two times, it depends on how many yellow tones you want to remove. You can leave it in for five minutes if you want. In the second part or second step, I used the Pure Silver Conditioner. The silver conditioning can be used on towel dry hair for the best results. Leave it in for five minutes or for maximum twenty minutes. And the last part, which is an incredible result, because you can use that one on dry hair and on wet hair. On this part I used it on wet hair. And the
easiest way, this is our Silver Mousse, you can apply it very easy on the comb, like this. And you can comb it through the hair, from beginning to the end on dry hair or in wet hair. Don’t rinse it out, just leave it in. And on the ends, on this part of the hair, I used all three products. And this is the result. Before you use the silver line and after you use the Silver Line. And then we have another secret. We have our Sun & Heat Protector. I spray this over wet hair before drying, because it protects from the heat from the hairdryer, so it doesn’t fade away. We all know that the blue and the violet tones are fading away with the heat from the hairdryer or from the sun. So this is the product with which you can keep the result longer. Isn’t it fantastic?

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