How to Use the EZzzy-Jig Paracord Bracelet Maker

How to Use the EZzzy-Jig Paracord Bracelet Maker

Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Megan with and
today I’m going to show you how to use the EZzzy-Jig bracelet maker
which is a jig to help you make paracord bracelets. This is what the bracelets can look like. They can have a whole lot of
different variations but these are a couple of the basic ones and it comes in a box like that. It does come with instructions also but I just wanted to walk you through it and I’ll show you how to use it. It’s really pretty simple. So this is what the jig looks like. It does come with buckles in the 15 millimeter and the 12 millimeters size and if you want to use a different size
buckle you can always unscrew the little piece that holds it on and just put an extra set of buckles on there for a different size buckle too so you can change that out. The 15 millimeter buckle. This is by the way the measurement for the inside so they do look bigger than that but this is 15 millimeters in here. The 15 millimeters is going to be the size that works really nicely with your basic, just plain cobra bracelet. So that’s a standard. I used the 12 in this bracelet and I’ve actually stripped the core out of the
paracord on this one and it fit really well in the twelve for
a little bit of the dainty look. If you’re going to a project with different sizes you can switch them out It does come with these buckles on there
which means you don’t need an extra buckle which is nice One of the really handy things about this
tool is that it has this little ruler right here
and if you line up that mark with the size finished bracelet if you want, it’s gonna
help you take some of the math and guesswork out of how long you want your braid part to
be versus the whole thing and the buckle overlap and all that so to start
with you’re gonna determine your bracelet
length. So loosen the wing nut at the bottom and
slide it over to the size bracelet you want. I’m going to do 7. You
want to give that a good snug tight twist on there because you don’t want the jig to rotate back
and forth this way so just line this mark up with your measurement and then you’re going to put your buckle on and all you do is attach the ends into the the buckles that
are already attached very simple. So we do have a video on how
to make a basic paracord cobra bracelet. So I’m not gonna spend a lot of time showing you how to do the bracelet or how to finish it. I’m just gonna
show you what’s different with the jig. So you would go ahead and knot your paracord onto the buckle to start just like you would do if you’re going to do it holding on to it and I have about eight inches here. You want to try use about a foot of cord per inch of finished knotting. Put the other ends of your cords through the opening on the other buckle and now you have the whole thing stretched out in front of you and you
have a nice sturdy base to work on so you would just do you’re knotting like normal and like I said we do have a video on
how to do this technique. Just how to make a basic
paracord cobra bracelet. So if you’re not familiar
with that you can watch that video but you were just finish that up just
like you usually would, go ahead and fuse the ends to hold it in place and when you’re all
done just undo the buckles and your bracelet is
the right size and ready to go so if your gonna be doing a lot of paracord it can be a really handy tool and save you some time
and a little a bit of an headache. That’s how it’s used. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!


  1. Indeed a little clarification. If your wrist is 8 inches and the buckles add about 2 inches, do u set the jig at 8 inches or at 9 inches to accommodate the inch thickness? I set the jig at 8 inches but it seems small in the inside and that only measures 7 inches now. Really need your help. Thank you.

  2. Since the buckles clip in to the jig, they're included in the measurement. So the inside knotted part won't measure 8" but the whole bracelet should.

  3. What a genius, yet simple invention! Headed to the hardware store to build one, myself, right now! 😀

  4. you said you have instructions for making bracelet on jig  I have a jig but no instruction came with it  how or where can i get the instructions thanks so much

  5. I noticed you make your loop under the center strands and some people go on top. Does it change the finished look of the bracelet if you go under or top?

  6. Hey, I have a question say your wrist is 6 inches would u make it 7 inches on the loom for room to work with and so its not tight or keep it at 6???

  7. Thank you making this, it helped a lot  and work very good, like she said, the weaving can be found on the Tube, this I need as it hard to do by hand.

  8. Sorry I can't contain my self from commenting about how clear and high def. your video is. May I ask what kind of camcorder was used on this video? Very helpful and informative video about the jig by the way.

  9. I bought one of these at my local craft/hobby store..was not impressed at all!! first off the buckles it comes with don't hold other buckles tightly so when your trying to tighten your cord they pull apart and secondly the ruler on the side is off by 1/4 of an inch.

  10. the jig itself is extremely easy and cheap to make yourself. but I can understand buying one for convenience or if you're just lazy lol.

  11. I bought a jig and have a question I hope you can answer it. If I have a clasp that measures 1 1/2 " and want to make a 7" bracelet, Do I have to position the number of the jig at 5 1/2 and with the 1 1/2 of the clasp it will be 7"? Or I have to make it different? Thank you.

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