How to Use the Silver Qualifier Mortgage Calculator to Price Your Deals [2019]

How to Use the Silver Qualifier Mortgage Calculator to Price Your Deals [2019]

Look it’s no secret that your clients
want the best deal possible for their small balanced commercial loan but
shopping a scenario takes time and as you know time is a precious resource in
this business at silver Hill funding we know you need to be able to quickly and
easily provide estimated pricing info to your prospective borrowers so that’s why
we offer unlimited access to our free silver qualifier mortgage calculator you
can use this tool to price your commercial deals and see which scenarios
best fit our alternative loan programs really it’s the fastest way to get the
information you need so how does our calculator work well first you need to
create a web account with silverhill you can use the link on the screen to get
started registering only takes a minute and it’s absolutely free once you create
your account you’ll get instant access to our broker portal from there you can
use our pricing calculator and download customizable collateral and other
available marketing materials okay so using a calculator is easy simply enter
the required fields with your clients loan request information such as loan
amount property type or purpose you can also fill in optional fields such as
yield spread premium and prepayment period when you’re ready just press
calculate now you’ll then be shown various term options with corresponding
rates and estimated monthly payments once you’ve made your selection you’ll
get the opportunity to download a term sheet for your clients complete with the
silverhill estimated pricing information be sure to let your clients know that
this estimated term sheet is not an approval or a commitment to lend so are
you ready to start pricing your commercial deals if you haven’t already
create your web account now by using the link on the screen before you know it
you’ll have instant access to information that can help you grow your
commercial mortgage business you you

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