How to Use Transfer Graphics to Make Jewelry

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as we’ve learned how to use to use transfer sheets. Here are a couple examples of some jewelry pieces
that have been made using transfer sheets. You can see here that we’ve used some of the word transfers which are
a lot of fun with glass domes. Here is a wood pendant that has a transfer
sheet. I wanna show you this because you don’t always have to go to the edges of your
setting. You can go ahead and have a lot of smaller size transfer and then let
the edges show which is fun with the wood pieces. There’s another piece of wood with a transfer
on it and here we put a transfer sheet in the
bottom of a bezel setting and put resin over the top. So how do we do this. How do we get our transfers
on to our settings. First you need to gather your supplies. You’re going definitely need a little bowl of
room temperature water. You’re going to need a paint brush. Sealant or varnish. You’re going to need scissors to go ahead and
cut out your transfer image. You can also use punches if you’re using the
Patera settings. We have punches which
are available. They exactly fit them. You going to need a pair of tweezers and you’re going to need a cloth. So you’re going to want to pick out the transfer
you’re going to want to use and they come in sheets like this. What’s really nice about that is that on the
back it has all the instructions you’re going to need
you can refer to this video or you could go ahead and use the instruction sheet. There’s very
good in detail and it’ll walk you step-by-step through how to do it. Make sure that you are purchasing a transfer
sheet and not a collage sheet. They actually look identical but they are very different. The collage sheet has a solid white back on it and the transfer sheet has a special adhesive back on it which
is gonna come off. Alright we’re all set up with our supplies
I’ve got a transfer sheet here. As you can tell it’s been well used and I’m going to take this image here. There is a
hole punch specifically for that heart shape and I’ve already went ahead and punched it. You can
also cut it with a pair of scissors. So once you have that shape cut out what you’re going to do is you’re going to take your pair of
tweezers. You’re gonna go ahead and submerge the entire image in the water. You can probably tell it curls up that’s totally
fine. You’re going to let that sit there for about a minute. Alright it’s been a minute and now we’re gonna
go ahead and take our pair of tweezers pull our image out of our water set it down onto a dry cloth. Go ahead and gently dab it so that you
get some of the excess water out. You can probably tell it is already peeling away
from its backing. Go ahead and just slide it off. You can discard the backing and then we’re gonna carefully place this. We have a little bit of wiggle
room. Down into our setting and then take your finger smooth it out. You can probably tell that what was white is now clear and so your bezel setting showing through whatever
color that may be. Ours is silver so I like that against
the black. Okay so that actually adhered it to your
setting but you’re going to want to seal it. And to seal it, we’re gonna take our sealant and we’re gonna wait a few moments just for
that too dry. It is actually pretty dry ready but we don’t want any water in there. We’re just going to dab my paint brush and I’m going to paint a thin layer of my sealant over the top making sure to get into edges. Let that dry. And now we can either go ahead and put
findings on top of it, we can seal it with resin, we can do what ever we like. Now if you are going to go ahead and use the
word transfer you would use it the exact same way. You would go ahead and cut them out of your
transfer sheet. Cut as close to the letter as possible and then go ahead and put them directly on
top of whatever paper you have below them cause that
paper’s then gonna go ahead and show through. Then you would just go ahead seal it the
same way you did the other transfer sheets. Transfer sheets are a lot of fun. There’s a
lot of different uses for that. Enjoy. Just make sure that you’re buying transfer
sheets not collage sheets and remember that whatever is the white on the transfer sheet is going
to be clear and if it’s a light backing on the transfer sheet it’s going to fade into the background of your settings.
Just keep those tips in mind and have fun. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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