How to Wire Wrap a Bead Dangle : Wire Wrapping Tutorial – Jewelry Tutorial HQ

How to Wire Wrap a Bead Dangle : Wire Wrapping Tutorial – Jewelry Tutorial HQ

Hi everybody! This is Jessica from
and Bespangled Beads on Etsy. I’ve got a quick project for you today: We’re
going to learn how to wire wrap a bead on a headpin. This is a basic jewelry making technique that
is great for everyone to know. A headpin is just a straight piece of wire
that has some kind of stopper on the end. This is the most basic kind – it’s just like
a little pin. This one is about an inch and a half long.
And I’m just going to thread on my pearl. You’ll see I’ve got plenty of room left. Using
my round nose pliers, I’m going to make a right angle bend towards me. And you’ll notice that I’ve left a little
bit of space between that bend and the bead. That is where the wire wraps are going to
go. Now we are going to bend the end of the wire
up over the top of the plier jaw until you can’t go anymore, and then you’re going to need to reposition
your pliers like this. So we started out here and we need to make
the move here. That will allow us to continue to pull the end of the wire all the way around
and make a 90 degree angle like this. Everything needs to be perpendicular – that
is the key to a successful straight wire wrap. Using my chain nose pliers now, I’m going
to the loop – and by the way, if you want to add this link
to something, now is the time to do it. I’m going to grab the loop with my chain nose
pliers, making sure the wire tail is in line with the pliers and the bead is at a 90 degree
angle, so it’s perpendicular. And I’m going to start twisting the end of
the wire around. You need to maintain that 90 degree angle
as you twist, so if you bend the bead out of whack, you need to put it back in place. Now as you get toward the end, if you need
to you can use another pair of pliers to grab that end and just keep twisting it around. I like to leave a little bit of movement on
the bead – if you pull it too tight the head of the headpin can pop right off! I’m using my fine tipped flush cutters to
just snip as close as I can the excess wire. And if you’ve got a little bit sticking out
you can use your chain nose pliers to just squeeze it gently, and that’s it! Now you can add this to an ear wire, or use
a jump ring to attach it to something. I hope you enjoyed this project and if you
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and See you next time!


  1. Thank you for the excellent video. Your technique is so much simple compared to other tutorials I have watched. Keep the videos coming.

  2. Thank you . . . I FINALLY get it!  So much easier than anything else I've seen (and I've seen a lot!).   

  3. I have watched lots of video tutorials for bead wrapping and have never been able to get the wrap around the pliers and re-position bit,your video has the best explanation and step by step guide that i have finally "got it",thank you very much

  4. This was great!  Thank you for being so detailed – so very helpful! 🙂  just sub so I wouldn't miss any of your videos 🙂

  5. Love that the instructions are very easy to follow even for a beginner like me, thanks. I always had the problem of one loop being too crooked or smaller than the other.

  6. Superb tutorial, including the close-up visuals!  Thank you so much–these pearl dangles are gorgeous!  Question:   At about 1 minute 42 seconds (as you were wrapping) you stated "now is the time to add something else if you are going to".  Being new to beading, what else would you consider adding at that point, and is there a visual example (perhaps a weblink to a photo of an example)?   Thank you again.

  7. Hi Jessica I am interested in buying round nose pliers preferably Lindstrom and was wondering if you know which ones to buy to wrap like this. There are so many sizes could you recommend one of them.

  8. Very very clear instructions… now I can do it without any mistake … Thank you so much… Really appreciate it 👏👍

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