How to Wire Wrap Rhinestone Cup Chain onto a Bangle Bracelet

How to Wire Wrap Rhinestone Cup Chain onto a Bangle Bracelet

Hi this Julie with and today I’m going to show you how to wire wrap rhinestone cup chain onto a bangle bracelet. I have these Nunn Design bangle bracelet. It’s very easy to use. you end up with a good looking, very fashionable
piece of jewelry so what you’re going to need is some twenty-six gauge wire I’m using artistic wire, it’s really flexible and soft so it’s really easy to wrap the
rhinestone chain. I’ve tried first using twenty four gauge, it was just a little
too heavy it didn’t really lay flush against my bangle as you can see the twenty six does so do use twenty six then you’re going to need a bangle
bracelet now I have two bangle bracelets here and
I’ll show you what’s going to work well for technique and one what’s not on
this one it’s rounded. I’m also concerned about how
narrow it is because there is actually narrow chain out there, that would work
fine with that but I’m concerned that it is tapered
around the edges whereas this one is nice and squared off and flat. Let me just
show you real quick my problem so this one here see how it wobbles a lot as you lay it on it is rounded we’re going to see on this one because this is flat
the chain actually sits on there it’s going to help to have a flat surface so you need the bangle, wire and rhinestone chain I’m going to use turquoise here and I’m actually going to do it on the silver bangle for the video purposes you can see it
a little bit better you’re going to need about nine inches
but I would suggest you start with a foot just because the rhinestone chain does actually cinch up depending on how tight you stretch it, you might need a little more or a little less than the
nine inches. I want you to have plenty and then you’re going to need a wire
cutters and a ruler so let’s begin and open up my wire I’ve got gold wire on a silver bangle using a gold chain so you can see it a little bit better now in terms of how much he need measure yourself thirty inches that’s eighteen twelve that’s what we’re going to use to start grab my wire from one end leaving a tail about four
inches go ahead take your chain and lay it down on top
of your bangle and this is the most difficult part of
the entire process is just getting it started we wanna lay our chain against the top surface of the bangle anchor it in place. Do that by wrapping your wire around do whatever you need to do to just anchor it in place. We’re going to go back at the end if need be re do our wrapping on the first one just need to secure it if you luck out, you did a great secure, you
won’t need to rework it but don’t worry about it you will be able to if need be that is now on there great thing about wire you can straighten it out
a little bit if you need to if it gets in your way okay holding the one that you just
anchored go ahead pass your wire under through the bangle come back around the top side and over that little metal bridge that
makes up the cup chain pull it down, you see I flattened it a
little bit my finger against the hard bridge of the bangle back through the bangle back up if you want you can flattened that wire a little bit just by holding it with your fingers it
does flatten it what we’re starting to do is
starting to make our wraps it get’s far easier the more you do it just in the beginning the chain is so wobbly it makes it a little bit more difficult back and over keep working your way down keep going all the way around look, at it
from different angles if you need to find out whichever way is
easiest for you and just going to go all the way around you see it got a nice flat spirals. They are not
sharp really, actually quite nice and flush instead. I’m going to do this all the way around and when I get back to this point I’m going to show you how to finish it off almost to the end, I just have a
couple more wraps to do. You cam see what this looks like and because you’re going between every
single link you have these nice evenly spaced wraps I’m almost to the end. I’m going to do a couple more I don’t want you to cut your chain yet so we
do have this tail right here wait until you think you’ve got your
last wrap done or almost your last one all right so I would look at this and I think I need one more in there to make it even at this point see if you want to slide your links
closer together because you can. It’s flexible so if you do you need to add an extra link or two or you can leave them spaced out how
they are. If your wrappings are quite loose they might want to slide on their own. At that point you might want to slide them down to fill in any gaps and get
a gap later Slide them down just a little bit I’m going to cut my chain cut it so that I want this one to be my last one I’m going to finish off my wrappings go in between that bridge right over
that little piece of metal anchoring it in place one more to do on this very last one what I want to do I wanna make three nice neat wraps. I’ve got
one two three and that’s nice and secure and you don’t
have them overlapping at all. Doing three is just the right width so I don’t want to cut my wire and the underside. I want to cut
it along the side so that when you put your bangle on, I’m
pressing it down and make sure that’s nice and flat it’s not going to cut your skin at all go back to beginning, remember where I said we could be a little bit looser in our wraps and
just do whatever we need to do to secure them. I want them to look a
little bit neater so I’m going to undo two of them and I’m going to go back and rewrap the other two we have three and three and I think that looks tighter and do the same thing over here. I’m not
gonna cut on the underside, just cut on the side press that down make sure I don’t feel it underneath and there we go. That’s where you’ve secured
your chain on both ends and then all the way around the rest of
the way it’s got nice even interval wire wraps so that is how do you wire wrap
rhinestone cut chain onto a bangle bracelet. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!


  1. TFS! Love this idea. Gonna try this with 2 lengths of memory wire to give the cup chain a flat area to wire onto and still be able to get the bracelet over my fat arthritic knuckles.

  2. You can get the supplies featured in our videos on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

  3. Not trying to be rude but I was wondering why you would do this in the first place? By the time you by the beads, bracelet & wire it will cost more than if you bought the bracelet. Maybe just for enjoyment of making something?

  4. Hmm I was wondering why you wouldn't start one from the end wire around to the first one so they couldn't slide or rewire your first piece back over the end to secure it more.

    I really liked this tutorial and will try this soon.

  5. You could definitely rewire your first piece back over the end if you want. The method in the video is very secure, but there is always more then one way to do something. Have fun experimenting and see which method you like best.

  6. This is the best tutorial on this cup chain bangle bracelet~! Very good camera work. I find myself coming back to Beadaholique time and time again. thank you

  7. Hi, can you show us how be bead on one of these bangles? Maybe brick stitch with seeds an crystals? I can't find any tuts on how to make one. Thanks. :o)

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