How to Wrap a Bangle Bracelet in Silk Ribbon

Hi this is Julie with and I want to show you how to wrap a bangle bracelet in silk ribbon and add embellishments. I have an example here and this is what actually inspired me to do this
video was I was making this piece of jewelry
here which has kind of a moroccan indian feel to it and I just really wanted to bring in the textile element of the silk into the design and I wasn’t sure how to
do it and and I ended up wrapping a bangle bracelet which this
one is here by Nunn Designs and adding these little vintage Rivolis
to it as well. These little pendants I want to show you how to do that so you’re gonna need a bangle some silk ribbon and the yardage that you need is really
going to be dependent on how much you really want to wrap this. There’s a couple different ways of doing it I’m starting with forty two inches and
then I’ve got these little Rivoli pendant links that I’m going to use. So to begin go ahead and actually do a simple overhand knot your just anchoring your silk to your bangle that was just a simple knot take the silk and we’re going to wind it around the bangle and now you can decide if
you want to do big wide winds were you show some of the
metal between your wrappings or do you do tight wind where it’ll make the entire bracelet
look like it’s covered in silk that’s actually what I want to do. I’m
just going to go over and under threading it through the interior hole of the bracelet wrapping it around the side keeping it fairly tight keep doing this all the way around and I’m doing this with a silk ribbon you don’t have to do with the silk ribbon.
You can do it with any other type of ribbon, a strip of fabric, you can have the frayed ends show, you can do it with whatever type of textile you like just make sure
you have enough length to start with because it would be hard to tie on
another extended length later so I’m trying to not twist the ribbon like this as a wind it. I’m trying to just wind it always with the same side going in and out and over it’s not perfect, there’s some gaps that are larger
and some smaller but I actually really like that nice organic look I’m almost at the starting point at this point you have again some more options you can either just tie your two
ends together put a little bit of E6000 glue in your knot. So you would knot it and trim your ends really tight you would just have a silk wrapped bangle but I want to show you what I did here in
this bracelet example where I added these little Rivolis so I’m just gonna go over where I first started. Go right over that knot and now I want to add a little link take the end and thread it on my ribbon and it helps that my ribbon happens to have a
point to it slide the link on scoot it down until it rests up against your bangle just like so I’ll do another wrapping I’m just going over my old wrappings and then when I want to add another one do the same thing slide it all the way down again continue with my wrapping you can add as many or as few of these
as you want just depending upon how much silk you have available and how
many pendants you have I’m just putting them every inch or inch in a half that’s going to be a little hard to go through. I’m going to grab a tool here. I have a crochet hook a toothpick or a piece of wire any little thing that allows you to poke it through that if you are doing the same project that I’m doing I’ll add one more so I’ve got five keep in mind where you started Pretty easy to see that tail keep winding until your two tails meet you’re going to create another overhand knot so those are secure. What you can do now is you can either just go ahead and put a little bit of
glue in there before you cinch that down I’m not sure if I want to do more to this
project so I’m not gonna secure it here Wanted to show you the technique in the
video or you can cut a little bit further out which is like
what I did here in this bracelet and I purposely frayed the edges. I wanted this to look like antique or vintage silver. So I wanted it to kind of have more of a rustic appeal to it so those are two different ways you can
finish it. Trimming it up tight to it cutting a little further or even if you want you can tie a bow
with your ribbon tails and have a little bit more of a feminine look
as well so that is how you cover a bangle using a silk ribbon. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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